Recommendations on New Years apartment/home rentals in CT or RI?
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Looking for suggestions on a place somewhere between NYC and Boston to stay over New Years weekend.

Friends are in Boston, we are in NYC. Instead of staying in our respective cities, we figured we would all meet up somewhere in between, away from huge crowds, and spend New Years together. The general plan is to rent a house for the weekend and play games, drink some champagne, and (weather permitting) go sledding. Great plan, right?

What's missing are specifics regarding where we would stay. We are thinking either CT or RI, but aren't sure where to start looking. Airbnb and Vrbo seem to assume you know the area you're interested in staying.

Any suggestions on towns, or places in those states that we could start looking at?
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Newport, RI is an awesome town, and one of the recent threads on where to go for New Years made me want to go to Providence, RI really badly. Bonfires!
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Metafilter likes Block Island a lot, and now I've been I can really see why. I bet it's amazing in winter, though I've no idea how easy it would be to find accommodation there at that time.
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This place, "Friendly Crossways", about an hour outside of Boston, is awesome. It's a youth hostel in a humungous old New England farm but they also have smaller and private rooms and bill themselves as a "Retreat Center" and a place to hold weddings. They're wheelchair-accessible if that's important and have a big well-equipped communal kitchen and a big old common room with a fireplace. I've stayed there during the winter and it's really cozy. Also, there are about twenty separate, individual showers so there's the advantage over a rented house that everyone can take a shower at the same time.

It might be possible to go sledding somewhere on the property for all I know but several state and town parks are nearby, some offering cross-country skiing, as well as the Wachusett Mountain and Nashoba Valley ski areas.

Have fun wherever you go!
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