Collaborative on-line note-taking tool?
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Please recommend an on-line collaborative note-taking site to encourage a conference audience to creatively respond to presentations.

I'm looking for a way for a group of people watching a web-cast to collaboratively take notes. Ideally, it would be a sort of combination of linear note-taking, chat, and mind-mapping. It's a day-long event, so we're not talking about just a few notes.

Is there anything out there that comes close? It should be trivially easy to access (i.e., just having the link should get you in). Free is best, but if I need to drop a little cash to get something good, that's OK.

[This is the closest previous question I've seen, and I'm looking into ConceptBoard--pros/cons are welcomed.]
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at some conferences that I've been, some versions of has been used, it has collaborative notetaking and chat (but no mindmappint)

A similiar service from the Open Knowledge Foundation
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