Songs from American Dad
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I really like some of the songs in the "Hot Water!" episode of American Dad, performed by Cee Lo Green. I'm especially thinking of the songs starting at 0:09 and 3:36 in this poor quality YouTube medley. What genre of music is this (70s? 80s?) and can you suggest songs for a playlist with this feel.
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I'd call that "generic early 80' synth-pop". Look into Wham!, Erasure, Petshop Boys, etc.
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The second bit reminds me of Level 42
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You need Chromeo in your life.
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Seconding cosmicbandito. The second song especially could be right off the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack. Check out A-Ha, too.

Also, thanks for making me figure out you can link to anywhere in a YT video!
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Ready for the World
Jermaine Stewart
Orange "Juice" Jones
Morris Day
Al B. Sure
Real Life
Level 42
Scritti Politti
Alexander O'Neal
Human League

And I’m putting these here just because they’re badass
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