My perfect bag is too expensive for me!
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I need a new bag. I think the L&S O.M.G is almost perfect, but it's more than I want to spend. Is there something similar available somewhere for $150 USD or less? (Snowflake details inside)

I need something to carry the following everyday:
1) my 34-ounce thermos
2) my laptop lunchbox
3) my Macbook Air -- OR -- my iPad
4) various other purse-type things (wallet, keys, iPhone, 2 pairs of glasses, a fold-up tote bag, a handful of loyalty cards, feminine hygiene supplies, etc.)
5) odds and ends depending on the day: a small craft project, an extra pair of shoes, a change of clothes, a notebook, chargers etc. (not all at once, usually just one of these things per day)

I estimate that I need a bag about 4.5-6 inches deep, with 13-14 inches in either height or width. I need at least 1 padded pocket for my computer or iPad (I rarely carry both at the same time). In addition to serving as my daily tote, I would like the bag to also function as a carry on when I travel.

Other requirements:
* no leather, no flaps, no open top
* at least 1 outside pocket with organizational features (places for pens, cards, keys, phone, etc.)
* as light-weight as possible when empty
* appropriate for a business casual workplace, but would also look ok with a suit.
* relatively light-colored interior (I hate bags with black interiors)
* sturdy enough to last 3+ years of daily use (I'm not especially hard on bags)

I think the L&S O.M.G bag fits the bill perfectly (although it may be slightly larger than I really want). However, at $275 it is more than I want to spend. I would like to spend no more than $150. As a further point of reference, I currently carry the Tom Bihn Medium Cafe Bag in purple, which I find to be too small (it doesn't quite fit my thermos), too casual (probably because of the color), and I don't like the flap.

Can you suggest a suitable alternative? I am looking both for bags that are similar to the O.M.G and any other bags that you think might work. I'm in the U.S. and would prefer to buy online.
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Mrs Alms has similar needs and got a great stylish work-appeopriate bag at Target. She said their stock varies, but is often good.
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The Baggallini Expandable Tote or similar might work for you.
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I just got a smaller Baggallini than the tote mentioned above and love how well it's laid out and made.
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Have you considered getting a helmet bag? I think they look very utilitarian-chic.

The bag is padded but I'm not sure HOW padded, so you might want to add a Tom Binh Cache to protect a computer/ ipad.
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Maybe this bag from Acme Made?
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Have you looked at Kipling? They can skew a little young, but the Sherpa Carry-On bag seems like it would work. You'd still need a padded sleeve for your laptop, but the bag is only $98.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the great suggestions! I really like the Acme Made bag and the Clark & Mayfield bag. The Helicopter Helmet Bag is a really cool suggestion. Please keep them coming!
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Those helmet bags are so cool! Here's the Ariat equestrian helmet bag, another thing I found looking at helmet bags. I don't know what color the interior is, though.
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I am in love with Lug bags, although they seem to be mostly a Canadian thing. I have the Taxicab and it holds everything I need. The Flyer Messenger bag might be a good fit, based on your description.
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