Carry on with shoes and service
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What's the best garment bag (to transport suits&shirts) and the best carry-on suitcase?

In terms of a carry-on I really like the Rimowa Classic Flight, I like sturdy, I don't like plastic, I like useful and long-living, I like Tumi and Tom Bihn.
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I use a TravelPro Platinum 5 suitcase, which actually has a removable garment bag in the sealing flap over the main compartment. I've loved it for week-long business trips, and after a couple years of constant use, it still looks brand new.
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Have you read the website If you're really looking for the best then reading that site would be a good place to start.

If you're actually just looking for some general ideas on options out there then I'm sure others will chime in with some suggestions.
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As I posted here once before, a luggage buyer at Macy's told me that the best values are TravelPro and Pathfinder.
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