Seeking a new work and travel bag, when the one I really want I cannot afford!
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Seeking a new work and travel bag, when the one I really want I cannot afford! I'm looking for a bag to use for the next 10+ years as a work bag and when I travel.

I'm looking for a bag that: will fit my 13" macbook, space for a few other things like small water bottle Kindle large purse camera etc, solid leather (or very professional looking cordura), high quality construction, a pocket that is not too tricky to access for my public transport card, don't need lots of other fancy pockets. Over shoulder strap optional. It can't be too flashy though, I am a fairly understated kind of woman.

I've been using a Timbuk2 tote (older version of cargo tote) for years and years and it has served me well. However, it's getting slightly tatty, and its blue/beige colour combination isn't as professional as I'd like to be. I do still like the style though.

I am ridiculously in love with the Mulberry Bayswater, but there is no way I could justify spending that amount of money. I've also seen some coach totes that are quite nice but I don't seem to see one that is in leather and that will carry all this stuff.

Other bags I have used: I have a backpack as part of my Eagle Creek carryon set but that doesn't quite scream professional in the office though it's a great set otherwise as it fits all my stuff. I've had a Crumpler bag for years but I rarely use it because it is overly filled with pockets and velcro. I have a nice leather satchel, but it does not fit my laptop.

I would be willing to pay up to about $400 USD - and would be happy to shop in a store or online. I'm in the UK but will be visiting the US in the next few months.
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I've found Patagonia bags to be indestructible and highly functional. I traveled 90% for work with laptop and possessions for about 5 years using one of their backpacks. It's still in great shape and I'm sure their totes would stand the test of time. Maybe one off their "mass" line?
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You should check out the stuff here. I don't own any of it, but their stuff is just gorgeous.
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The first brands that come to mind are Billykirk and Filson.
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Have you checked ebay? I ask because a friend of mine got a mulberry bag (in this case it wasn't a bayswater, but I'm sure they are available) and it was within your price limit. By the way, she's in the US but got the bag from the ebay uk site.
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Seconding Filson and Saddleback, and if you want to read way too much about them, check out the dedicated threads for each on Styleforum.

Filson thread

Saddleback thread
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Since you're UK based - have you seen Liberty's new collection of bags/covers for Apple? I like the red one in particular, but they have more neutral tones too...
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Check out Tom Bihn products. I don't own any, but this line keeps popping up on travel blogs for ideal travel bags. The look is a bit techy, but you can get them in subdued colors.

The Co-pilot looks cool and has a separate water bottle compartment, though it looks too small for a lappy.
The Tri-star or Western Flyer has enough space for a laptop and more. They're also convertible so you can use it as a messenger, tote, or backpack.

Another bonus is that they are produced in the US and generally have positive reviews.
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Saddleback and Filson are definitely looking on a winner at this early stage. Keep the ideas coming!
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Jack Spade might be worth a look too.
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Jack Spade might be worth a look too.

Too masculine for me. I might be an understated lady, but still a lady :)
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Seconding Tom Bihn's Tri-Star. Their stuff is unbelievably nice, and they have a hilariously devoted cult (for good reason).
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What about Penelope & Parker bags? They're UK-based, so you'd be able to check them out in person.
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Levenger has some nice leather laptop bags, and more specifically, women's laptop bags. I haven't bought any laptop bags from Levenger, but I have bought a couple nice pens, a leather messenger bag, and a Moleskine sleeve, and everything was of good quality.
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Thank you all for your advice, I ended up buying the Knomo Helena with thanks to a birthday voucher that covered some of the cost. Hurrah!
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