Help me identify this drawer runner.
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Help me identify these drawer runners so I can get replacements.

We recently moved into a new rented flat and one of the kitchen drawers moved very strangely on its runners. I took it out and the runners promptly fell apart. The landlord said he would reimburse me for replacing them, which I was perfectly happy with, but then I took a trip to the hardware store and there were no suitable replacements. So I'm calling on you to help me identify them and source replacements online.

The metal runners slide on ball bearings and have a circular hole at one end which clips onto part of the moulded plastic drawer. The only potentially identifying text on the drawers (nothing is written on the runners) says 'Perstorp', 'Pat[ent] Pend[ing]' and 'Made in Sweden'. Perstorp is a Swedish chemical company, so I think this refers primarily to the type of plastic rather than the drawer itself.

The runners are 1 inch in height and are 31.5 cm (12.4 inches) when at their shortest, and 49 cm (19.3 inches) fully extended.

Here are a variety of photos of the runners (a working one rather than the broken one), the drawer and how they clip together.

I will also happily take suggestions on alternative ways to fix this. I'm a little sceptical of getting generic runners and attaching them with screws as the plastic seems a bit flimsy, but if anyone can advise me otherwise then feel free.
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I will also happily take suggestions on alternative ways to fix this.

That's good, because I think you're going to be out of luck on finding that part.

Alternative fix: have a handy friend knock together a simple wooden drawer box 1" narrower than the cabinet opening, erring towards being a hair narrow rather than being too wide. Paint or varnish it if you feel ambitious. Mount drawer box in cabinet using standard, widely available full-extension sidemount drawer slides (which are all 1/2" thick each). Remove old drawer front from plastic box. Apply double-stick tape to front of new drawer box. Press old drawer front into place on new drawer box. Carefully remove drawer from cabinet, and put a couple of screws through the new box into the old front.

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