Help identifying a short story
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Help identifying a short story I originally read in an Isaac Asimov "Science Fiction" magazine.

I read the story in the early 90s, but the magazine was much older - I'm guessing 70's or before.

It was about a race of bird-like people .. and one of them was put in charge of caring for another one. The other one was elderly and (I think) going blind so he needed to be flown everywhere. I seem to recall he was some sort of luminary in their society.

He and his caregiver (who I think was a bit of a "wrong 'un") bonded, and I think it ends with his caregiver helping him commit suicide.

Ring any bells for anyone?
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Best answer: Guide Dog by Mike Conner?

Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction 1991, and nebula winner, so you might find it worth reading if it's not the one you were thinking of
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Response by poster: Yes! Thank you!
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