Where to try men's colognes in Toronto
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Widest selection of men's colognes/scents in Toronto or GTA?

After reading all the incredibly good MeFi posts about choosing a man's scent, I'd like to go shopping. The general consensus is to try them on, and I don't have the patience to order samples as is often recommended. I at least want a scent to start from.
So where around Toronto can I find the largest selection of testers. (The closer to Richmond Hill the better.)
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If it's anything like the one in Vancouver, Holt Renfrew should have a plethora of testers of both mainstream and some larger niche brands.
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Go to The Bay or to Sephora or to Holt Renfrew. (i don't know why anyone would ever "order samples" when you can walk into virtually any decent department store and sample dozens of scents right there.)
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