Help my child with Tourettes and ADD
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Are there grants or financial aid for my 8 year old daughter who has Tourettes Syndrome and ADD? I need money to put her in a tutoring center and to put her in physical activity programs.

My daughter is 8 and is suffering from Tourettes Syndrome and ADD. We have been to a neurologist and two psychiatrists and have tried several medicines and none of them have helped her. The side effects were worse than the help they gave. Plus the stimulant meds for the ADD increased her tics for the Tourettes.

We have seen over and over again, that when she has physical activity, both her Tourettes and her ADD improve. We need to put her in swim lessons and gymanstics but we cannot fund it right now. Telling her to just run around outside does not work, it only seems like structured classes help and keep her focused on the activity.

We also need to put her in the Huntington Learning Center which is a tutoring center. The school she is in is good, and she is on a 504 plan, but it just isn't enough. She needs one on one tutoring to help her and it never works with me and her at home because there is also ODD, oppositional defiant disorder. But that only seems to be with me, and not others. Please help. We are in Iowa. I need an advocate or some kind of grant to give her the help she needs.

Isn't there some kind of program, grant, or help a disabled child can get for tutoring or activities that don't necessarily fall under the "medical" column??
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Have you looked at the Quad Cities YMCAs for this? A youth membership is under $20 a month, they have financial assistance, and the swimming classes look affordable in any event.
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re: Swim and Gymnastics: Contact Easter Seals in your area. They key phrase you're looking for is "Therapeutic Recreation". It is possible that, with a doctor's script (another key word "developmental therapy") your insurance may cover the swimming with a licensed developmental or recreational therapist.
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Did the school district make a determination that she only qualifies for a 504 plan and not an IEP? How is she doing academically? If she isn't making sufficient progress have them review the plan and maybe you can get tutoring included.
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The school she is in is good, and she is on a 504 plan, but it just isn't enough...I need an advocate or some kind of grant to give her the help she needs.

Oooooh yeah, you wanna get her an IEP. Tourette's, ADD and ODD? Heck to the yes. You want that good IDEA protection. You want the school tutoring one-on-one. You want physical therapy. You want occupational therapy, maybe. You want a behavioral plan. All sorts of stuff.

Here is who you call: The Parent Training and Information Center of Iowa. They are funded by the federal Department of Education and their mandate is to help parents and students navigate the special education system in public schools. They can help you understand how to get your daughter re-assessed by the school, how to get more services added to her 504, whether she is a candidate for an IEP, etc. You can tell them everything you want for her, how you envision it happening, and they can tell you what parts of it the school is or can be responsible for and they will help you figure out how to deal with the school.

I am not your education advocate, but Memail me if you need more info.
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