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I am remodeling my kitchen. All walls are traditional square 50s white tile with black borders from floor to ceiling. The counters will be white linoleum, the cupboards white, and the floor will be wood (brown). The stove is a white 1940's gas range. Should I buy white fridge and dishwasher, or stainless steel? I'm leaning toward white to maintain continuity with the cupboards but think stainless steel will keep the look more modern, but the entire house (a 1915 bungalow) has a strong retro vibe. Pastel appliances are out of my price range. What do you think?
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Best answer: You might be interested in this article from Consumer Reports. They interviewed some experts who said that stainless steel appliances are on their way out and white is the new color (or maybe black). Which would work out well for you!
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The counters will be white linoleum...

I hope this is a typo. Surely you mean laminate?
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Response by poster: Oh, yes, laminate, duh! Thanks for the correction.
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Response by poster: Houstonian, thanks so much for that article. I'm actually glad to hear SS is on the way out, as I find it difficult to keep smudge proof. Black is also out for the same reason.
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Best answer: I came in to post a link to that article Houstonian mentioned re: stainless steel appliances "jumping the shark", but the tone of the article seemed self-serving and press-release-y on Whirlpool's part, so I didn't. I would like to mention, however, that the white appliances I've purchased over the years have held up remarkably well and seamlessly blend into whatever crazy decor I've got going on at the time, but the stainless steel appliances my SO insisted upon buying often look wildly out of place. YMMV, but I've always thought black and stainless steel appliances are two colors that tend to go in and out of fashion frequently. Like dinnerware, I think that you really can't go wrong with white. Build around it with pops of colors in your other accessories and your kitchen will always look smashing.
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Well, there is always the possibility of doing this. It is easier and cheaper to do on a white fridge.
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If you'd like pastel appliances but can't afford vintage units it is very straight forward to have white appliances (except ranges) to be any colour you'd like. Generally it is only a couple hundred dollars for a fridge and much less for a built in dishwasher done at the same time at an auto body place. Especially if they are brand new and there for require minimal prep. A professional job will be almost as good as the factory job and certainly better than running a 30-60 year old fridge.

You can't do this with ranges because their finish is porcelain rather than paint.
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I just know that we bought stainless steel 6 years ago and, after a long time of cleaning them yesterday because of the smudging and the special cleaners you need to use, we swore off of stainless steel ever again. So, if you cook, go for white appliances.
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I just know that I have never been in a kitchen w/ SS appliances that gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling. YFMV.
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Go with white.
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Thirding white.
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Response by poster: Thanks so much MeFi friends! I am going with white, and feeling good about it! More comments are always appreciated, so keep 'em coming!
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I've always thought ss had that look of belonging to a very specific time-you know, stainless steel, dark mottled stone=your kitchen was built in the early 21st century. I'm very happy with my white appliances. I have ivory painted cabinets, though, and have to tell you-I love how they look but they are a major pain in the ass. They look dirty all the time and require constant scrubbing.
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There are new units that look vintage (even dishwashers), but they are expensive. I'd go with white.
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I had our 1940 Frigidaire painted "Martha Stewart Vintage Kitchen" - sort of a jadeite blue color. It looks great with the white-grey-black vintage gas range. The paint job has held up very well for about 6 years, although it's starting to bubble up a bit next to the door-handle. For $100.00, I think I definitely got my money's worth. I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

I've had stainless steel appliances before, and I hated the fingerprints and smudges they showed all the time. Our electric kettle is stainless, and I really wish it weren't.
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But yeah, white - even if you don't plan to paint it.
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I have S/S, but we don't have kids and I can wipe off kitty nose-prints fairly easily.

If you do get white, try the Sears Outlet first. I could kick myself that we didn't do it when we got our appliances.

You will be amazed at the quality of appliances, the selection and frankly, I was shocked at the service we got.

Their site is very good, allowing you to find what's available to you at different outlets near you and the prices.

We got a great treadmill there for 1/4th the going rate.
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Re the heavily advertized "French door" fridges: You are carrying stuff to put away, but you need two hands to open the fridge.Some things go on the left, some on the right. Do you go back to the table/counter and reload to make two trips? Boo.
Also those fridges tend to have chest freezers, another less than handy feature.
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Also, I have a black range. I scowl and remove anything that might scratch if anyone is foolhardy enough to put it on the black part. It also shows dust. Yes, buy white.
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N'thing white appliances from the Sears Outlet. They go great in the newly remodeled to look like old kitchen in my 1916 house.
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Response by poster: I ended up buying the Whirlpool White Ice appliances. They're not that expensive and look awesome.
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Response by poster: ...and here they are.
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