Is it alright to piss in a wetsuit in the sea?
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Is it alright to piss in a wetsuit in the sea?

I'm in my early twenties and am bad at holding on for the toilet. When I'm in the sea it's even harder and sometimes I will just need to go after being in the sea for 30 minutes or so. The problem is that the beaches I go to are quite public, so getting out to take a piss takes about 10 minutes in itself.

Can I get some answers or pros and cons of pissing in a wetsuit please.

(I'm aware that the question itself is stupid, but could I get at least a couple of serious answers please.)


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I've done it. I reckon everyone does. We just don't talk about it.
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Uh, I thought that was totally normal...
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I'm gonna go with No. The wetsuits I've been using do not let water in so I'd imagine water would also be prevented from escaping. Hanging out in urine (even my own) for any amount of time is not appealing.
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Yeah if it isn't a rental. It's a pretty traditional way to warm your suit, in fact. Your urine is sterile to you so it actually isn't a big deal. You can break the seal to flush the suit after peeing if you want but if you're not uncomfortable...
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Never worn a wetsuit in my life, but I have a friend who is an avid fan of speargun fishing - think spending the best part of a day in the water, playing it cool and trying to convince the fish around you that nothing's up really, just enjoying the water. I understand going in the wetsuit is pretty common, as leaving the water every so often is just not practical, and one of the reasons you don't really want to buy a used one.
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If it doesn't let water in, it's a dry-suit, isn't it simplethings?

They're usually used at lower temperature. Wetsuits are used down to about 12C, or so. If it is in fact an actual wetsuit, wee in it. But rinse it well afterwards.

Truly, EVERYBODY does.
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One of the first lessons in scuba diving covers 'peeing is ok'.. which is one of the main reasons the post-dive scrub down is so important!
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Just in time, I'm just heading out to go bodyboarding. Thanks a lot guys.
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I don't but most people do. It only really gets wrong when you let go in the car park before getting in the water.
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If the water is warm enough, I used to float with my front facing up and I'd lift the cuff of the inside leg (bending at the waist and knees) of the suit on which ever side towards and then maybe let some fresh water in at the top and swam forwards (reaching back to lift the cuff again if I could) to sort of flush it out but my wet suit only went down to my knees.

If the water was too cold, I just let it go. Just give it and yourself a really good rinse afterwords.
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my wetsuit wearing SO says people do it to keep warm.
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Your urine is sterile to you so it actually isn't a big deal.

This is not true. Urinary tracts are not sterile and your urine must travel down them to get to the outside world. Urine is not 'safe' at all and is an excellent growth medium for nasties.
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I was told that the chemicals in your urine can damage the wetsuit. Whether this is true or was just added incentive to get us to clean the wetsuits (and ideally not pee in them in the first place), I don't know....
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It's actually pretty hard not to piss in your wetsuit because of immersion diuresis. I've worn wetsuits for decades and never had any damage from peeing. Just take care of the suit properly by rinsing thoroughly after every use and occasionally washing with a small amount of mild detergent.
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In Scotland, it's pretty much required (it's pretty cold). Two rules for life - never go commando in a hired kilt and always buy your wetsuits new.
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mr. desjardins always says: "There are two kinds of kayakers. Those who pee in their wetsuits, and those who lie about it."
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This is why suit rental is such a bad idea.
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Every surfer I know that surfs in winter does this, it's the traditional method for heating up the suit on a cold winters morning (or any time really).

Look at it this way the fish are peeing and pooping in the water anyway, as long as you aren't in the middle of a group of people I can't see the problem anyway.
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I surfed all during high school and into my twenties. I peed in my wetsuit daily. Heck, not only would I pee in my wetsuit, I would pee in yours if you lent it to me. I would hose down my suit when I got home every day to wash out the sand, salt and any pee that may remain.
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I just did this morning. I'm sorry but if you're going to hold it that's not a very fun session. Just rinse it out after or it will stink like no tomorrow
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Very little surfing would ever happen in New England if this wasn't perfectly fine - and we've got a HUGE surfing community, so there you go. Also, its probably better to only buy new wetsuits, not used.
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considering how many t-shirts I've seen about it, I think it's pretty common
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Some wetsuits have the kind of zipper that can be opened at both ends, precisely to let you whip out your willy. If you own yours and it doesn't, you can have a tailor (the ones that know how to work with specialized gear) sew a new double-ended zipper into it.
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My dude is a surfer and yeah, it's pretty much done all the time. Just rinse it (and yourself) when you take it off.
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It's a myth that it will 'keep you warm.' It will make your skin feel warmer (because you just released all that core-temperature liquid against it) but you'll lose heat (because you just released all that core-temperature liquid)

No wetsuit seals perfectly - hence the 'wet.'
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