Accessible attractions in Barcelona
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My sister is travelling to Barcelona, Spain in November. She'll be at a hotel on the Plaza Catalunya for 3 days before leaving on a cruise ship. Sadly, she's on oxygen 24/7 and will be using a walker for short distances and an electric scooter to tour around the city. She'd like recommendations for food and must-see attractions within scootering distance. We've collected info from Google travel results, but they don't address accessibility concerns She plans to go to the Dali museum on a day trip, but other suggestions would be wonderful.
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Best answer: There are a couple of lovely buildings designed by Antoni Gaudí not far from there, maybe one and a half kilometers down the Passeig de Gràcia: Casa Milà (La Pedrera) and Casa Batlló (Casa dels ossos).

The entire street of La Rambla, which goes from the Plaza Catalunya to the seaside, is worth going down.

Barcelona Cathedral is about a kilometer from Plaza Catalunya. The inner courtyard is particularly worth seeing.

The church of Santa Maria del Mar is maybe one and a half kilometers from Plaza Catalunya.
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Best answer: Notes:

Casa Milà (La Pedrera) appears to be accesible for the disabled.

Casa Batlló: There is a step leading to the main entrance of the Casa Batlló, but it also has two mobile ramps that can be placed over the step to aid accessibility for wheelchair users or other groups who may need them. There is a period lift providing access to the different floors (except for the rooftop and chimneys). Casa Batlló provides any visitors who require one with a wheelchair of the right dimensions to enable them to go in and out of the lift.

Barcelona Cathedral: People with reduced mobility have to enter through the side door on Carrer Comtes as it is the only one with mobile ramps that can bridge the variations in level.

Santa Maria del Mar: The entrance for people with reduced mobility is located on Carrer Sta. Maria. There is a mobile ramp that makes access relatively easy.
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Best answer: The whole Barri Gòtic is just off the Ramblas and should be easily accessible for her. Well worth a look.
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Whoops - better link.
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Best answer: Definitely seconding kyrademon's recommendations re: Gaudí and the churches (Santa Maria del Mar is a lovely one with lots of interesting history, and it is near the Fossar de les Moreres; not much to see, but it's an important Catalan cultural landmark).

If she's into art, the contemporary museum (MACBA) is wonderful, accessible, and close to Plaça Catalunya. There's also a few cute restaurants in that square (Plaça dels Angels). Also, the Picasso Museum is lovely; you need to ask the staff at the front to use the lift though. One of my favourite little restaurants is right next to there, in the Textile Museum.

Would she be looking for high-scale food? Or more affordable? I lived in BCN for a year and my mobility-limited mum visited, so feel free to me-mail me if you want some more info.
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Nthing Las Ramblas.
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