Help me find a recent article/blog about people behaving like corporations?
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I read (and failed to bookmark) an article or blog post a week or two ago that drew parallels between the idea of "corporate personhood" and the "quantify everything, optimize your own happiness" ethos shared by many young people today. Basically the gist of it was that many people were emulating corporate "persons" rather than real people as role models. Can you help me find it?
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check your history in your web browser. if you havent cleared it since then, it should still be available.
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Best answer: Maybe this blog article ("Reverse Corporate Personhood") by Ned Resnikoff?
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Response by poster: Hm... I had come across that Ned Resnikoff one while Googling, but it didn't seem familiar. Upon closer inspection though, I think it must be the souce. Perhaps I read a paraphrased version of it elsewhere? Thanks!
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Response by poster: A-ha! I figured out why I was confused. The blog post I originally came across:

Actually stiches together quotes from both the Resnikoff blog that was mentioned here, as well as his previous one on a similar subject.
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Response by poster: Also perhaps worth noting that the Menthol Mountains blog is maintained by David Berman of Silver Jews fame... ¬¬
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