Birth Options in Iowa City
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I'm looking into having a midwife assisted birth in the Iowa City area in March. Anybody have any suggestions? I am completely unfamiliar with the options available there.

My parents live in a small town close to Iowa City. I live in Juneau, AK. The options for birth here aren't as I'd like them. I am considering traveling down south to my parents' house for the birth of my child.

I'm looking for a midwife who can help my give birth in Iowa City. Probably in a birthing center or a hospital as I would not be close enough to medical facilities to give birth at home. I would like to have the option to labor and give birth in the tub. One reason I am considering leaving Juneau for the birth is the competent pre-natal care is coupled with a flat-on-your-back hospital birth as the only option.

I'm not sure where to start looking. I'm familiar with Iowa City and the excellent hospital there but not with birthing options.
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Is this place not an option for you?
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I recommend heading over to , the women there have a pretty good network of local references for states all over the country.
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rabbitrabbit, they do not give what I consider competent prenatal advice. Also, having met some of the people involved, I know I do NOT want them in charge of my birth. They were my first stop and I quickly ruled them out.
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I recently delivered statsbaby using the midwife clinic at UIHC. I can't speak highly enough of them. Feel free to memail me if you'd like more details.
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My brother and his wife used in Iowa City for their (home) birth, and had nothing but good things to say about them.
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