How to resolve fix-it ticket on car I no longer own?
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In California, I got a fix-it ticket because my license plate had some of the reflective sheen scraped off. I have since sold the car without getting the fix-it ticket signed off. My appearance date is in a couple of weeks. I don't have the car anymore, so I can't get it signed off. What do I do now?

You may be wondering, why in god's name did you sell the car? I had been planning to sell it with my dad's help, and got a new car that I was using, so the sale was already prepared and ready to go. I thought I'd have time to take the car to the verification station (I did replace the license plate) and then I found out that my dad went ahead and sold the car.

So, what do I do now? I got the fix-it ticket along with a speeding ticket at the same stop, so I still have to pay for the speeding ticket and go to traffic school. I'm thinking I should just show up to the court date and explain the situation to the judge. I've searched google for information on this but didn't find anything.

How do I resolve this?
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Yes, do just that. Be sure to bring proof of sale. The judge may dismiss, or he may make you pay the ticket, but that's your best move.
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Ubiquity's answer is your best bet, but I just wanted to add that, since the ticket had to do with the plate rather than the actual car, I doubt that a judge will waive it. You're probably going to have to pay the ticket and replace the plate (which you've already done).
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Bring along the proof that you bought the replacement license plate. It might help.
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I can see why this looks like a catch 22, but it isn't. As long as you have a receipt for the new plates from the DMV or one of their proxy stations, you'll be fine. DMV documentation is just as good or better than a sign off.

Had this been something like tinted windows that required an officer to actually look at your vehicle to verify, it would be a different story.

My advice is to be very attentive, honest and genuine with your judge and hope that he or she gives you a pass on the speeding issue. If it's your first time, it's possible.

Good luck and don't worry about it. You did what you were supposed to do and have the best kind of proof for traffic court.
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Response by poster: So... heh, what if I lost the reciept?
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They will have proof if you bought a new plate or didn't. It's not 1965.

If you did, get it.

If you didn't, eat it.
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Make an appointment with the DMV before your appearance date and ask for a replacement receipt for the new plates. They should be able to print one right off for you.
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