Commute to Rowayton , CT
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Is a daily commute from Manhattan 34th St , 9av to Rowayton, CT doable? Has anyone done that? Is it like more than 2 hours?

I might be going temporarily to work for a client in Rowayton, CT, but really want to be living in Manhattan 34/9.
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....Are we talking by car, or public transportation? That could make a big difference.

It's POSSIBLE by public transportation in under 2 hours, but will require a couple of different switches of train and then a bus.
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Depends on the hours you need to be there for, a quick search on for the train schedule from Grand Central to Rowayton yields this schedule for today:
Depart Arrive Minutes
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Response by poster: Public transportation. NYC subway and Metro rail from grand Central. And would it be expensive, if I get a monthly pass
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I lived in the city and worked in Stamford ("The City that Works") for a few years and commuted both ways. Unless you can go off hours, leave the city by 7am, leave Rowayton, it is a pretty miserable drive. MTA is the way to go and 2 hours door to door sounds about right.
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Monthly is $278.
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Oh sorry, that's just for the train. I'm not sure what the monthly metro pass is going for these days, as I walk to work. Walking from 9th to Grand Central would be about 20-30 minutes depending on lights/how fast you walk.
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Totally depends on the distance from the train station to the office. According to CT Transit there's one bus that serves the Rowayton station. Depending on where you're going you might be better off with one of the bus lines originating at Stamford.
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Any chance the client or any nearby businesses have a shuttle service from the Rowayton/SoNo/Darien/Stamford train stations? That was a popular solution to retain employees from the city when I worked in the area.

If you get a monthly pass, talk to your employer/client about the tax-free fare benefit. The monthly pre-tax benefit is $125.
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You could also consider a folding bike, so you don't have to wait around for the bus on the CT end and you can get to/from Grand Central more quickly than walking.
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Monthly unlimited MetroCard is $104. I just topped up mine this morning.
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The Rowayton train station is about a mile and a half from downtown Rowayton. Not sure where in Rowayton your client is but that could add another 1/2 hour walking. Metro North is definitely the way to go though.
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