Can we chat about it?
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Need a chat/forum-solution for a limited time. Since I've been out of the loop for some time I look to you, mighty Mefites, to hear you personal choises and recommendations.

For an activity I need to set up a chat/forum-solution on our website. And (horray!) we actually have some money to put forward to it.

Do you have a recommendations, based on the following requirements?

1. Open for anyone to ask questions. (No login required.)
2. Threaded questions (so that follow up questions can be asked in the same thread as the main question).
3. Several admins to answer the questions.
4. Admins have to be alerted when a follow up question is asked in a thread.
5. The admins will be fairly novices when it comes to chat/forums - so easier is better.
6. If possible we're looking for a off-site hosted solutions - but we need to be able to pull the info out and use for educational purposes after the discussions are ended.
7. Number of users: We don't really expect loads and loads of visitors, so there's no risk of the solution beeing pummeled.

The chat/forum will be integrated (or linked) to from our existing cms-solution.

So looking forward to hear your recommendations to help us move forward on this!
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Forum Matrix will help you choose your software based on features with their wizard. Personally I like phpBB best, but Vanilla and Invision were also good choices.
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The people behind Wordpress also release bbPress. It's free, easy to use and can be integrated with Wordpress.
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