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Help me find a rose-scented body wash from my Parisian past!

In the summer of 2006, I studied in France for six weeks. During that time, I purchased some items at a Sephora store and received a free sample of a rose-scented body wash. The packaging was pink (possibly bright pink) and it may have been produced by a French brand (but one of those brands that are also well-known in the US). The scent was quite rose-y but had some other elements as well; not straight rose.

Any ideas on what brand or product this could be? I want to recreate this Parisian bathtub memory; smelling of flowers and feeling the train rumble beneath the apartment building.
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Response by poster: Oh- I checked the list of brands sold at Sephora (on the US site) and none ring a bell. Wah wah.
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Best answer: Was it Weleda's Wild Rose line? I have certainly bought Weleda Wild Rose products in Paris.
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Was it L'Occitane?
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Not French: Korres Japanese Rose?

What about Givenchy? Givenchy Very Irresistible? Not sure if this was around in 2006.

I am trying to think of bright pink packaging that would be sold at Sephora. Juicy Coture, Viva la Juicy, Aquolina Pink Sugar. I am not sure if these have rose notes. Stella by Stella McCartney has rose notes. Bvlgari Rose Essentiale is one of my favorite perfumes. Not sure if they make shower gel.
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Is it the Aquolina Pink Sugar line?
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Best answer: You can browse Sephora France's website, in case that would be helpful.
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It probably won't have been this brand (although Ren is sold by Sephora, at least in the US), but I'm going to recommend it anyway because it is very nice and will give you the memory you want: Ren Moroccan Rose.
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Sephora do an own-brand single note sort of range - I bought creme brulee and lemon meringue when I was there. It was very cheap and not as natural-smelling as the kind of luxury products mentioned here will be. They came in plain, coloured packaging.

I think French Sephora sells different stuff - I'm going to Paris in a couple of months and they don't carry Demeter or TokyoMilk or any of the other stuff I was interested in picking up that they don't have in the UK.

L'Occitane definitely do a rose range. From the samples they've sent me when I bought my Mum a Christmas present from there once, it sounds likely that you got one of those. I've definitely been given a sample of Stella body wash before, but that came in deep purple packaging.
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Roger & Gallet, perhaps?
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Response by poster: Y'all are great. I don't think any of those are it, BUT now I have some new ones to try! I looked at the Sephora France site- thanks! I was also able to find a list of perfumes that came out in 05 and 06. Some of the names seemed familiar (Flowerbomb, Flower by Kenzo) but I don't think I've hit on it yet. Thanks everyone!
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