Hobbit Harmony?
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Is there a good FULL a cappella version of the song/poem “Over the Misty Mountains Cold” which will tide me over until Howard Shore’s movie version is hopefully released uncut?

While I’m sure there will be plenty of variations of this song released on YouTube in the coming months and years, I keep getting this horrible longing to hear all of the verses by some people who can actually sing. I’m getting tired of listening hopefully to YouTube videos and other sources, only to find it’s just Shore’s bit on repeat or that it’s someone singing at a mumble or that it’s only Shore’s version spliced with choral setting on a keyboard. Not to mention being trolled by every 3rd or 4th video anyway.
So here are the covers I know of already that are actually decent:

By ShaDoWCa7
All of the verses but rather high pitched, which hurts my head sometimes, and not a cappella.

By phasmecurium96: Version 1 and Version 2 (deeper)
V1 is a little fast. In V2, her voice seems a little mumble-y at times. This is awesome otherwise, although again it’s not sung by a group.

By MrPipes515 ???
My favorite version so far….but so short!

I’ve listened to more geeks with guitars than I can stand. I mean, c’mon. There’s got to be a full uncut version of this song out there on the internet somewhere, right? One that keeps with the mysterious and dark wistfulness of how this song should sound….right? (Please?)
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Canopy does a high-pitched, mid-tempo, renn-faire version. Not exactly the style one might expect to hear echoing the Dwarrodelf, not ponderous or solemn in the least, but one for the collection at least.
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