Replacement Remote Control
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Replacement Remote for Rotel RR-AT96 Receiver

The remote control for my Rotel RR-AT96 Receiver is slowly dying. Replacing the batteries and giving it a few minor whacks no longer work. Rotel can't help and in fact no longer makes receivers.

Is there a programmable remote and specs on how to make it work on the receiver?
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You could pick up a Logitech Harmony remote. They may already have settings for your receiver, but if not most Harmony remotes also have an IR receiver at one end that can read signals coming from another remote and "learn" them.
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I agree on the Harmony suggestion, they're amazing for controlling multiple devices simultaneously.

BTW, it looks like RR-AT96 is the model of the remote, not the receiver. I did some looking around, and it looks like it goes with the Rotel RX-1052 Stereo Receiver. Is that your device? If so, a quick check on Harmony's database shows that it is supported.
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I have a one-for-all 8 device remote (not quite, but similar to this one). You can program that remote directly from the Rotel remote, as it has a learning function (you press a button on the old remote and the new one programs a key of your choice with that signal).
This is exactly what I did with my dying Rotel Integrated Amplifier remote. I got two of the One For All remotes, so I always have a spare. At $20 each, it is worth a go before the old one dies!
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