Plus size fishnets are impossible to find!
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I'm looking for plus size fishnets that are actually meant to fit someone plus sized.

I'm looking for black fishnets for a romantic outing coming up at the end of august. My partner really loves fishnets so I'd like to wear them for him. Problem is I live in rural canada with no nearby store that carries plus size fishnets. I've looked online and I've found some "one size" pairs that alledgedly fit plus size, but I'm doubtful to put it mildly. Anything that is one size fits all, even if it is supposed to fit plus sizes, never does. Please reccomend some to me, or at least point me in the right direction!

I'm looking for:
1. black fishnets
2. stockings (crochless preferable) OR thigh highs with a garter belt. (I think actually I'd prefer the stocking + garterbelt option but at this point I'll take anything.)
3. not too small a weave. I don't want them overly subtle and fine. You should be able to tell they are fishnets, but not so large a weave that it just looks porn-ish and weird)
4. actually meant to fit plus size people, not the retailer's hypothetical one size fits all/queen/XL sizing that almost never fits me (I'm a size 18 and I have big calves/thighs)
5. sexy
6. not excessively expensive
7. Ships to Canada (preferably) or the US (I have a connection for that) and speedy enough shipping that it can arrive in a couple weeks.

Bonus points of awesome but reasonably priced plus size lingerie.
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Torrid carries fishnets in a variety of plus-sizes. I was able to find a pair there that fit me both as a tall lady and a plus-size lady, which seemed close to impossible. Plus they have a variety of designs.
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I steer everyone to SockDreams when they're looking for something specific, as their customer service team is excellent when it comes to the questions of "will this actually fit me?" They managed to steer me to tights that fit my absurdly long legs, so I have nothing but good things to say about them.
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Sock Dreams is my go-to place for leg needs. This seems to fit what you're looking for and comes in plus size. They have free shipping in the US and they're really honest and responsive about the quality and sizing of their available stockings. When I've ordered from them in the past, my packages have shipped the next day. I can't recommend them enough.
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Hips and Curves ships internationally and has this garter belt and fishnet stocking set that runs all the way up to a 5/6x, so I'm sure you could find something that really fits.

Also, We Love Colors has plus size fishnet tights for cheap.

I haven't tried We Love Colors, but I've been happy with my orders from Hips and Curves.
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I haven't tried We Love Colors, but I've been happy with my orders from Hips and Curves.

I have friends who've done We Love Colors and have been happy with the result. Plus, lots of colors!
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I have these, and they don't really fit me, but I am seriously, crazily plus size -- like 64 inch hips, so if you're anything less than a 5x or so, they should be fine. The lack of top binding means they are very flexible in sizing. You will need garters, though.
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I'm a big thighed size 16 and have been very happy with tights from We Love Colours. I can't speak to the fishnets, though.
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Nth-ing Sock Dreams - maybe these ones? I don't have these exact ones, but I have other Leg Avenue-brand tights and their plus size tights are actually plus-size (they fit me, and I'm roughly a US 18). They also have pictures of plus-size models in some of the brands, so you can see how they might look on you.
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Frederick's of Hollywood has plus that are plus.
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I had a great experience with We Love Colors - fast shipping to Canada and comfy for my voluptuous thighs.
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Yes, We Love Colors has real plus-sized fishnets. I have purchased them and I would again. They are well-made and pretty durable (for fishnets), and they come in black and 50 other colors. (I also highly recommend We Love Colors Nylon/Lycra tights in plus sizes- they are my favorite regular tights.)

Hips and Curves is great for plus-sized lingerie, including hard-to-find plus sized stockings for garter belts. They have a good selection. Sometimes their quality is hit or miss, but whatever- it's lingerie, not built for durability.

Sock Dreams is a good company to keep in mind for this kind of thing. The organization of their plus sized merchandise is a kind of terrible, but they do review every product and give you an accurate idea of how the plus size stuff will fit. Because, yes, hosiery is a place where all women over 150 lbs are apparently, bizarrely "plus-size" and women over size 14 are pretty much SOL. The reviews on Sock Dreams are good to gauge how the socks or tights will actually fit a person in terms of height and weight.
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Check out Secrets in Lace. They have old-school undergarments and shapewear that are actually wearable and stay put. I have a few pieces from them and have been happy with their fit and overall quality.
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Nthing Sock Dreams. They are awesome.
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