Mini futon?
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Where can I find teeny tiny futons?

Is there such thing as a love seat futon? The total width has to be less than 6 ft. Also, I would really like one with a removable mattress.

Something like this only teenier. Have you seen anything like that? Are they called something else? I've googled micro futon but that just gives results for microsuede covers.

Thanks a bajillion!
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Try twin futon or single futon (in reference to the mattress size). That's more likely to get what you want
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IKEA is brilliant for this sort of thing.
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kimdog you sonofagun! You did it. I found this. Perfection!
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If the twin mattress is what you want, that's great. If you were hoping for something slightly larger, here's some info on loveseat-sized futons that use full-size mattresses (that's 54"x72" mattress). The standard sofa shape folds the mattress longways, so it's a 72" long sofa. The loveseat version has the mattress going the other way, so it's only 54" wide.

Of course, the issue is then that instead of a simple "fold-in-half" shape, it really should be folded in thirds. Here's are trifold futons either a foam mattress that folds square, or a standard futon mattress on an armless wooden frame. (so, in-use width something like 56"). Mattress has to be thin and flexible.

The loveseat option with arms is more sofa-like, with the mattress in two parts. It's basically a 54" square mattress that gets folded like a sofa-shape futon, plus a footstool that stores under/behind the seat, that becomes the foot of the bed when you lay it out for sleeping. Frame can be either all one thing, or an entirely separate footstool bench. Because of the arms/frame, it takes 60-62" of wall space. Because it's only got one fold in it, the mattress can be fairly thick/comfy; tri-folds are definitely cheaper, both in price and quality.
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You can probably go up to a double mattress at those dimensions, as long as it's a trifold-style, which means that the narrow direction of the mattress determines the width of the chair. We have one of those in our office and I'm pretty sure it's under or around 6 feet wide, with arms.
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