Who is this photographer?
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Help me remember a photographer's name. He photographed his mother's neat and tidy and everything-in-its-place kitchen cabinets and paired them with abusive quotes from his father as he slid further into dementia. I saw his photos in a slide show among other photographers and googling "photographer kitchen cabinets abusive quote" just isn't getting me very far. He may have printed a book.
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I haven't seen the exhibit in years but is it Larry Sultan's Pictures From Home? I don't remember dementia as an issue so I may be wrong - the father retired and they fought more so it sounds like it's in a similar theme. Sometimes I can find other artists when I look for ones that worked similarly.

There is also an excellent book from an exhibit called The Pleasures and Terrors of Domestic Comfort that also dealt with similar family dynamics: dysfunction, boredom, sadness in contemporary family life. Your photographer may have been in that show.

Good luck!
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I don't have the answer, but wanted to offer a resource: You can try asking the Aperture Foundation about it, see if it rings any bells for them.
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Response by poster: I am really enjoying Larry Sultan's Pictures From Home, and The Pleasures and Terrors of Domestic Comfort, but they are not what I was thinking of. Fewer photos of people, more photos of cabinet interiors.

Thanks for the link to the Aperture Foundation, I'll ask them for a lead.
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Best answer: A non-member just emailed it to me!

Anna Fox: My Mother's Cupboards.
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