What would I do without you guys, really?
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My friends and I are starting an artist collective in Phoenix, Arizona and we desperately need help thinking of a name. Can you help?

Short explanation; I myself am an artist with, you know, the paper and the pencil and occasionally, some ink or acrylic or something. I have three friends that are photographers, another friend who's a painter, two friends who are musicians, and a few others who might also join. What we've decided we'd like to do is start a community blog where we all write individually what we're doing to try and break into the mainstream or just get our work seen. The main site will show all of our posts, broken down by individual members, along with a sort of swarm cloud that shows how often each artist works with the others.
Anyways, we've got a ton of great ideas already and we're excited to get a move on it, but we're stuck at what seems to be the first effing step! We need a name for our little community. We don't have a lot in common except that we all work normal 9-5 jobs outside of our passions for our individual work, we are all artists of one sort or another, and we all live in Phoenix, Arizona. I'm trying to think of names that are reminiscent of the desert or of Phoenix. I sort of like the idea of something ancient and awesome sounding. Really though, we're open to anything. I'd list the links to our websites so you could actually see our styles and who we 'are', so to speak, but I think that'd be a little too self-linky for me. So yeah - if your really that curious, you can look in my bio and I think there's a link there to my personal work.
So yes, I leave it once again to the most clever people I know to help me hop a hurdle in my life. Thanks Mefites!
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Something with the word 'rising' in it.
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Salt River Valley Sights and Sounds.

And hey, dr. google says you'd be the only ones!
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From the Ashes.
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heat stroke
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Arising Artists
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Best answer: Indigo Art Collective
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Response by poster: Some of these are wonderful. Thank you guys so far for your suggestions. I'm fielding them amongst the other people involved for feedback. My favorites so far have been netbros and piratebowling. Keep 'em coming guys! =D
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Phoenix Rising
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The Temple of Karnak

or something Egyptian. You know, desert-y.
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Firebird Collective.
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From Ashes

Arti Zona
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Rock bands starting out often have this challenge. Sometimes they will get together and get drunk and high and everyone involved writes every name they can think of on a sheet of paper. The next day they awaken to the sober light of the day and select the name that is most legible.

The problem with this method is that you sometimes end up with a really stupid name like The Beatles.
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Just so you know, the first thing many people will hear when they hear indigo is this.
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Cosy Catastrophe
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the first thing many people will hear when they hear indigo is this [indigo children]

or if you're from Arizona, maybe you will think of the indigo bush, very common in the Sonoran Desert.
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Not to derail much, netbros, but hermitosis is originally from Arizona. I think he just means that outside of Arizona, that is one of the image the word "indigo" will provoke. I would personally think of the Indigo Girls, but that is me.
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