Who took this photo?
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I'd love to see more work by this photographer. I've tried what I think are likely google searches and have found nothing - maybe I'm using the wrong search terms, but if anyone knows or has suggestions, I'd be grateful! Photo here.
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Best answer: Tomas Rucker. Found with Google Images' search by image.
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Response by poster: ...and that's what this place is for. Thank you!
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Response by poster: I deleted the image because the question was answered and I did not want to post another photographers work.
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Just FYI for future searches -- if you right click the original image, choose "copy image url", then go to google and paste that url into the search box, and hit search. The resulting page should have a link at the top "search by image"; click that, and google should return all matching (and also similar) images.
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But, jeez, now I want to see the photo!
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