Need emergency passport renewal
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Help! son needs photo i.d. immediately to go to Puerto Rico!

My 19-year-old son and I are going to Puerto Rico next Tuesday (that is, in 6 days) and I just found his passport and it EXPIRED on July 12th!!!!

I am reading that although he doesn't need a passport to go to Puerto Rico, he does need a valid, government-issued photo i.d. He does not have a driver's license or a government-issued i.d.! The only valid photo i.d. he has is his college i.d., and I'm reading that that's not official. We do have his birth certificate, but of course that's not a photo i.d.

AND we live in New York City but he is currently in Philadelphia, coming home on Sunday!

What on earth can we do? I have bought non-refundable plane tickets leaving Tuesday morning!

Should we find a reputable emergency passport renewal place in Philadelphia? Does anyone know of one? (except his passport is HERE). Can we find a reputable expediter in New York City -- except he is not here to have his pictures taken!

I guess he would have to come back here immediately to have this done?

Does anybody know of a valid and reliable expeditor, either here or in Philadelphia?
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Get a NY ID on monday:
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Go here. Download and fill out the application for a photo ID. Bring it, with your son's birth certificate and two forms that can prove his address, to a local DMV or driver's license center, and give them a check or money order for $13.50. They will give him a non-driver's-license photo ID.
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Oh. Sorry, I misread his residency. Follow the NY link, not mine.
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Here are specific instructions. Non Drivers ID:
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Doesn't he have to have his picture taken??? and don't they have to SEND the id later????

sorry haven't gone to link yet

sitting on my thread today in a panic!
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Yeah, he needs to go down to a DMV with appropriate documentation and get an ID Card (not a Driver's License). In many states they will print these on site, though not necessarily at every DMV. You should call the branch you are thinking of going to and ask if they print ID cards immediately or if they have to be mailed.
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The NY DMV doesn't just give you an ID card when you sign up. You get a interim (non-photo) ID in the mail a few days after signing up, and about a week or two down the line you'll get the photo ID.
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We do have his birth certificate, but of course that's not a photo i.d.

NYS non-driver ID. Here is the acceptable ID to obtain one. You must follow the point system exactly.
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Ah, I guess New York is not such a state. Sorry.
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I'm thinking that the photo ID doesn't need to be valid, does it. Wouldn't his Birth Certificate and expired Passport work? That with his school ID should be enough.
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Cross-posted with Griphus. If NYS doesn't issue photo ID on application, you need to FedEx him his expired passport, birth certificate and his impending travel document/ticket and he can go to the Philly passport office and see if they can help him on Friday. (Rules)
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Here is the site for scheduling an appointment for the NY Passport Agency.

The only hitch is that you'll be required to show an itinerary for International travel, and Puerto Rico is so....
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Passport photos can be taken at CVS or Walgreens.
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This isn't guaranteed, but you are not necessarily barred from flying if you don't have a photo ID. He may need to get fully patted down and asked a few extra questions, but if you arrive early that may not be an issue. The expired passport might be verification enough for the TSA on domestic (I think the TSA considers PR domestic) flights.
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Going to Puerto Rico is just like flying to another US state. So it's not customs, but it's TSA. So it's a pain, but not that difficult to travel there without a valid photo ID. Bring what he has and be prepared for a little extra scrutiny of his bags.
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Possibly-relevant info: it MAY be worth your while to go to a suburban DMV rather than one in Philadelphia proper. I've used a DMV branches in the city and in the 'burbs, and the latter experience is waaaaaaaaaaay faster and easier (YMMV, of course). The one in Southampton has pretty decent hours.
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"If you lose your primary ID or it has expired, TSA may accept other forms of ID to help verify your identity. " via TSA

So make sure you have the passport and any additional forms of ID that can help. Seems like its up to them to make the decision, so be ready and be courteous.
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Lots of good advice here. Is your worry about TSA not letting him board the planes, or is there a Puerto Rico-specific admission issue you are worried about?

If it's just TSA standards for domestic travel, I think you'll be fine.

My son, a minor child, traveled domestically on an expired passport last year. He had no problems at all. My impression from our research back then was that TSA accepts passports expired within the past 12 months. 12 months past expiration, you run into increased scrutiny -- see, e.g., this Flyertalk thread.

So yes, definitely, get new photo ID squared away if at all possible. But don't mail off that expired passport before the trip.
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well I'm on the phone now with Jet Blue, seeing if I could get a refund, and the nice lady is telling me the same thing as most of you, that EXPIRED passport plus birth certificate and some proof of address is enough!!!

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Now would be a good time for your son to apply for a government issued ID. He will need it in the future - one can use a passport for domestic travel, but it's safer to leave it at home - and perhaps for age restricted purchases, or some exams require proof of identity.
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One option for the Government-issued ID, as long as he's going to be getting a new passport, would be to get a Passport Card at the same time.
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I can confirm that TSA will let you board with alternate form of identification. I lost my driver's license in June and was able to board with my debit card and Costco card of all things! This was the case at two different airports on four flights. His school ID and expired passport will not be an issue. The only thing they seemed to care about was the name on the boarding pass being exactly the same as the alternate ID's. Have a great trip!
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