Harmonium Music Suggestions
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Harmonium music?

A good friend has recently become obsessed with the harmonium, and is looking for some good music.

All suggestions welcome, as I can't really find anything even close!
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Are you looking for European harmonium music or Indian harmonium music?
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Harmonium features prominently in Qawwali music, of which Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and his ensemble were especially talented performers.
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Not sure if this is what they're interested, but Gurdjieff recorded dozens of compositions on the harmonium.
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Many Sikh devotional songs also rely heavily on harmonium.
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There's a lot of Harmonium on Anna Calvi's very excellent stuff
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Mariana Sadovska !
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The Beatles — "We Can Work it Out"
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David Eugene Edwards has been known to use harmonium in Sixteen Horsepower and Wovenhand songs. I am having a hard time determining which songs he plays it on or else I would post some links.
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Anything from old time American pump organ music will work... as well as gospel. Nathan Hollander was a ne'er-do-well in the Jewish music scene of New York in the 1920s who recorded Klezmer on Harmonium. A few Recordings are on Youtube. He is a forgotten footnote in the history of Klezmer, for possibly good reasons.
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I was totally going to suggest the Gurdjieff box set.

Borrowing from another thread, let's not forget dear old Nico. [2]
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Oops, I forgot the links to Nathan Hollander. Bessarabian Doina. And also Rumunski Bulgarish. Also, the Finns and other Scandinavians use the harmonium in folk music,but it looks like the term refers to the pump organ. As is the case in Music for a Found Harmonium.
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Lisa Hannigan uses her harmonium a lot. Folksy pop with a great voice.
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Nico's The End album is one of the most haunting things ever recorded with a harmonium or any instrument.
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Tom Waits - Just Another Sucker on the Vine and a couple of others on Swordfishtrombones.
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Ivor Cutler used it as his sole backing instrument through his long and strange career.
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I've said it before, and I'll say it again ...

Shilpa Ray and Her Happy Hookers!
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Allen Ginsberg wrote and performed a bunch of sometimes wacky songs for the harmonium.
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I don't know that your friend will enjoy their style, but Town and Country use harmonium quite a bit.

As one might expect, it's at least a mildly popular instrument in acoustic drone music in general.
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How about Music for a Found Harmonium by the Penguin Cafe Orchestra?
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There's a harmonium in the stage version of Sondheim's Sweeney Todd, and the Beadle sings a song on it: "The Tower of Bray".
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From what I recall of Jon Brion's Punch Drunk Love soundtrack, it's pretty harmonium-heavy. (Probably because a harmonium actually appears in the film as a minor plot point.)
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