Need to sell some redundant photog gear in order to gain needed gear.
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Photography Filter: Help me prioritize unused gear before selling it.

I have lenses that I use every-time I go out and other lenses that I don't use as much; at the same time, I have two items that I really need. What's the best way to sell/trade what I've got, for the things I need?

I am willing to sell:

1) AF Nikkor 28mm f/2.8 (not D, but a little older) in immaculate condition, but I rarely use it. With the Nikon D7000, my 28mm is closer to what, 50mm? I almost need a 10mm to get a wide(r) angle.


2) Nikon DX SWM VR ED IF 55-200mm f/4-5.6 also immaculate


3) Tamron AF Aspherical LD IF 28-200mm f/3.8-5.6 with Macro. Is a little older but the glass is in great shape. The body is a little scuffed

I need:

1) Flash speedlight. (I'm still a Nikon SB-20 from the stone age)
2) Wide angle lens that gives my D7k an actual wider shot.

I'm of the belief that I should lose one of the zooms and the 28mm, applying their sale towards a flash and wider lens.

So, after all that, my questions are thus:

1) Which zoom lens do I sell?
-Tamron worth ~$150
-Nikon worth ~$250 (it's in brand new condition, with box)

The dilemma I'm having is: the Nikon will bring more money, which equals more to spend on a flash/wide lens. BUT, is the Tamron 'good enough' to fill it's shoes?
- I like to think that in the end, it's my ability to use the lenses, not their 'fanciness' or expense, however, am I doing myself a disservice by getting rid of the Nikon?

2) With the expense of wide angle lenses, is it worth getting rid of the 28mm? Will i spend far more to get a wider shot than it's worth?

3) Recommendation(s) on Nikon speedlights?

Thanks in advance : )
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Wider but distorted. IIRC anything wider than the Nikkor 24 starts to look a little fish-eye. I'd sell the Nikkor 55 -200. the Tamron covers that range.
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I'd drop the 55-200 too. You've got that range covered and while the Nikkor might be a little sharper, the difference is probably not something you'll notice. If you really want to be sure, try shooting the same thing with both lenses at the same focal length and see if the difference means something to you.

As for flash, the SB-600 does just about everything a non-professional needs, including operating in slave mode to your D7000's built-in commander mode if you want to use it off-camera. The 700, 800, and 900 all add features, but I never miss them with my 600.

Also, although you didn't ask, my recommendation for an ultra-wide-angle is the Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8. I bought it last year for a trip intending to sell it afterward (because the loss from depreciation would have been less than renting it) and I can't give it up. And that was coming from an 18-105. If your widest option now is 28mm, you're in for a treat.
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Multiply the focal length by 1.5x to get roughly the 35mm ff equivalent. So your 28 is roughly equivalent to a 42mm on ff.

In your situation I would

1) sell the Nikon 28 and 55-200 and get the flash you need. The Tamron would still cover you for its irregular use in the range. Unless yours has some real optical or handling problem, it is "almost as good" as the Nikon zoom and should be Good Enough. Less good at the wide end but usable.

2) pick up any used 18-55 Nikon kit lens until you figure out which wide angle prime will be best for you. Then get that wide prime and sell the kit lens for close to the same as you paid for it. Or, it's not bad itself, keep and use it.
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The kit lens idea is very practical, with many of them available on my local craigslist.

I have a bead on a SB-800 locally, but will start honing in for a 600 as well, now that I know.

The Tokina recommendation is noted; I'm pretty sure I know someone with one! I'll go borrow it.
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I've sold a considerable amount of medium to high end equipment on eBay. I firmly believe that the best way to get an idea of the value of an item I want to sell is by searching for "completed auctions" to see what things are bringing.

I firmly disagree with Gungho's assertion that anything wider than the Nikkor 24 starts to look a little fish-eye.

I'd make the case that you get rid of the 28/f2.8 and the Tamron zoom. A Nikon 12-24/f4 or the Tokina lens that Partial Law mentions will give you a ton of additional wide angle capability. Personally, I'd go for the Nikon 12-24, but that's because I'm generally unimpressed with third party lenses, and I have eight years of experience shooting with the 12-24.

A Nikon SB-600 will probably give you the most bang for your dollar when it comes to a speedlight. I'd be suggesting a used SB-800 except for the fact that prices for these are very high.

This way, you have your bases covered with most focal lengths from 11 or 12mm up to 200mm (FX full frame equivalents being 16.5 to 300mm).
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