Cognitive Behavior Therapy group in San Francisco - does it exist?
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Cognitive Behavior Therapy group in San Francisco - does it exist?

I'm looking for a CBT group in SF that takes Anthem/Blue Cross – also open to Dialectical Behavior Therapy as well, and maybe EMDR as well. I’m willing to go to a group that’s low cost as well ,but something covered by insurance would be best. Blue Cross doesn't seem have much in the way of CBT treatment or at least in groups; I’ve looked on the local Empire Blue web site but none are listed. Is there a better place to find the actual CBT groups? I find I learn better in groups (learning and providing advice), and that for the time one on one therapy can be a bit painful. Is that a common reaction? Am I being avoidant by not tackling individual therapy and instead being in a group – or is it just good to just get some kind of therapy. I guess answer the big about the groups, and if you have comments on the second part, feel free to answer.
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Try calling 211 or going to
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UCSF runs groups. Low-cost resources here.

It's entirely possible that a group will require that you are also in individual therapy.
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