Avocado oil
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100% pure avocado oil


I am looking to buy 100% pure Avocado oil online. Can anyone recommend good pure sources/shop online for this? (This is not for cooking, more as a moisturizer. Trying to keep away from chemicals within other moisturizers as such)

Thank you
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Amazon.com has 100% Avocado oil.
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I get that sort of stuff from Mountain Rose Herbs; it looks like they have it, but it's out of stock at the moment. I've been happy with their quality and service, but they do have problems with running out of things.
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I recommend Avocado of the Month .
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You can often get it in the supermarket, I know I can (along with other nice things like macadamia oil). Are you looking for specifically US online vendors?
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The online site/company From Nature with Love sells cosmetic grade ingredients for diy natural skin care products, including avocado oil. I've bought from them before, mainly stuff that I couldn't find elsewhere, but they have an amazing range of ingredients and the prices seem reasonable compared to what you'd pay elsewhere.
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I bought pistachio oil from this ebay seller and been happy.
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larger size here (32oz) store here.
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I second From Nature With Love. I buy a lot of oils/butters/scent oils/etc. from them and have never been disappointed with quality.
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Thirding From Nature With Love. Was able to get high quality cypress, juniper and cedar essential oils as well as some base oil all in one transaction (I'm trying to make a scent that smells like laurisilva forests).
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Thank you so much for all the replies :)
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