Experiences working on wheels?
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I want to operate a mobile office around town, picking up people and then parking somewhere for us to all work together. Keen to hear your experiences with and knowledge of this kind of arrangement.

What sort of setups work best? Would particularly like to know where we are allowed to park the mobile office around town. I appreciate this will largely depend on where I am and what the local council regulations are. But I am keen to hear any and all experiences about this kind of setup. Office suses, mobile offices, trailers etc etc etc.
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Restrooms, for one, would be the biggest issue that I could foresee.
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Would particularly like to know where we are allowed to park the mobile office around town.

I think your best bet for determining this is to find out where you are allowed to park RVs and/or commercial buses in the areas you're interested in. Depending on how many people you want to cram into this office, I am pretty sure you'd be looking at a custom fit out of one or the other.

Unless you are in a WiFi-heavy location, internet connection is going to be a large hurdle. Satellite would be required to make this commercially viable (IMHO) but you have other options for mobile connection.
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Why do you want to do this? What's wrong with using an existing co-working setup? Unless you have a good reason for this odd setup, as a potential employee I'd be very skeptical. (no fixed address, for instance, makes it more likely that you can disappear, makes you seem less stable).
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You're going to have to check the regulations in your area, but some areas are REALLY NOT OKAY with mobile businesses. Look up the difficulties food trucks have, for example. They usually cannot park anywhere for very long, are limited as to where they can go, etc. I also second jacalata in that it sounds really dubious.

And also, bathrooms. Yeah, bathrooms.
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When you're asking about "what sort of setups work best," what are the upsides of this mobile setup you're proposing? That should serve as a starting point for the rest of the discussion.
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