Making Youtube Videos to promote your site on a shoestring budget
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Is there a way to make high quality youtube videos using a smartphone (Iphone 4 or Samsung Galaxy S2)?

I want to do some cooking and craft tutorial videos in which I'll be casually speaking about my work (the recipes, the steps to follow, little anecdotes) and showing different shots of the blender, bowls, etc. in the process. I'm guessing you have to cut different clips together for that with an editing program, so I'm wondering

a) How to do the sound
b) Whether a nonamateurish video can be made with a Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone or Iphone 4 (I have access to both), cheap editing software, mic, and reasonably priced lights.

I have a *very* limited budget for promoting my venture, but I know that being seen and heard on camera will be an asset to the other content I offer my substantial following of readers. Will the video look so poorly done without a fancier camera that it will detract from the professional looking content posted at my website?
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Iphone 4 does incredible video. IMovie on a mac is super easy to use (if you have access to a mac, it will have IMovie).

1) Use a tripod.
2) Nail the lighting.
3) Focus on the cooking and communicating the cooking more than the video stuff

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