How do I segue music tracks on a Samsung Galaxy S2 phone?
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I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 phone. I use it to listen to music. But the music player is set up to include a brief gap between each track. This is particularly a nuisance when I'm listening to albums with segued tracks (such as live albums). How can I set it up so there are no gaps between tracks?
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Best answer: You'll need a different player, unfortunately. The term you're looking for is "gapless playback".

It isn't "set up" to do it, by the way. It's just that the easiest, most straight forward way to build an mp3 player results in those clicks on all but the super-fastest of computers (like your desktop).

I'm using PowerAmp at the moment. It seems to do pretty well at it. I'm still on the 2 week free trial, but it costs about $5.
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I use Winamp for Android and it does this.
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Response by poster: Thank you both for your suggestions.

I tried Winamp first, but there was still a gap. It was a smaller gap, but it was still there - not a perfect segue. I looked in the settings, but couldn't see any option for gapless playblack. tumid dahlia, do you know of any relevant setting changes that need to be made?

Anyway, I also installed the trial version of PowerAMP, and found that it automatically performs gapless playblack flawlessly.

Naturally I'd prefer it if there was a solution with Winamp (because it's free!), but I don't mind paying five bucks for PowerAMP if Winamp doesn't work out.

Still open to further suggestions if anyone has any other ideas.
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Jukefox is free and has it listed as a feature, but I haven't used it myself.
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Response by poster: Thanks Sparx. I downloaded and tried Jukefox. It executes gapless playback fine, but unfortunately it doesn't appear to recognise playlists that have been imported onto the phone (which is another of my requirements, although not the subject of this post).
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Sorry paleyellow, you're right, it doesn't make it totally gapless. I had a scratch around and a few places suggested PowerAMP might be worth a shot.
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Which I see Netzapper has already suggested. Sigh.
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