A Mystery Band of Double PJ Harveys
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Help my identify a band I heard earlier this year! Two Scottish girls that sound like two PJ Harveys...

Earlier this year, maybe in February, listening to NPR, they were highlighting bands that were playing (I'm pretty sure*) South by Southwest. "New" bands you might overlook, that kind of thing. They did a pretty long segment, including 3 in-studio songs and I really dug them. But the only thing I can remember is that the band was two girls, from Scotland, and they're music sounded just like two PJ Harvey's (which, to me, is like twice as good as one).

I think they're name was of the formula "The [noun]s" but that might be selective memory.

I know it's not a lot to work with, but the power of the hive mind is great! What do you think? Does any of this sound familiar? Please ask any questions you might think would help; I'll answer as best I can.

(*note: It may have been Coachella, but my gut tells me it was SxSW)
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I've got no firm answer for you, even though I attended SXSW with a wristband (music showcases only). But the festival is big and you can't see nearly everyone. The list of showcasing bands from this year might ring a bell though.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the link! I went through the list... unfortunately, there's only two bands from Scotland listed, and neither of them seem to fit the bill. (Laki Mera and Three Blind Wolves) =(

I know this is a nearly impossible task, but I was hoping the green would be the one place where I might figure it out with such little information. Hopefully the right person will stumble across this question. *fingers crossed*
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Response by poster: If it makes any difference, I think the NPR show had a female host, as well. I was trying to maybe narrow down the show I heard it on and look through those archives
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Response by poster: An old e-mail I sent to a friend, who I told about the band, says that they're English girls, if that makes any kind of difference.
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Best answer: I think I heard the same interview---and your question was driving me crazy. It's from a little earlier than you specified, but could it be Peggy Sue?
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Best answer: My first thought before even reading the thread was also Peggy Sue.

As far as I can tell, they weren't at SXSW or Coachella, but looking at Songkick they were in the States earlier this year.
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I bet you are thinking of First Aid Kit. I recently discovered "the Lion's Roar" at a yann tiersen show (intermission) -fell in LOVE with it. Hope this is it!
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Has to be Smoke Fairies, no? Maybe?
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First Aid Kit are Swedish, by the way. Not English.
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Response by poster: It is absolutely Peggy Sue!

Apparently I had told my friend about them over Thanksgiving, so I must have heard them on the radio some time in November. I had said they were English, and when my friend couldn't remember she suggested in her reply "maybe they're Scottish" (which apparently stuck in my brain even more than the actual facts)

You guys are amazing, and like the old cartoon Jem: truly outrageous. Thank you SO MUCH!

Peggy Sue resources:

MySpace (really?)
and it looks like their official site is down, for whatever reason
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Response by poster: I should also mention... I really like First Aid Kit, as well. And I'd not heard of the Smoke Fairies, but they're amazing, too!
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You can find them on Spotify, too. Thanks for mentioning it. I'm in love!
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This thread has given me some new music to be going on with! Thanks!
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