Trying to thank my vet for all her help
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Which picture to give my vet? Is a picture appropriate?

So, I had to say goodbye to my best friend last week after a lengthy fight with cancer. We've had the same veterinarian for most of his eleven and a half years and she came to the house and performed the euthanasia for him here, where he was comfortable and happy.

As a thank you for helping us through all those years and some tough times I am thinking about buying her a nice frame with a picture of either all of us , or just him . I'm thinking of a 5x7 size, big enough to not feel like just a snapshot but not an overbearing and obnoxious size that wouldn't go anywhere.

My two questions are, which picture is better suited? One of all of us because really she was looking after our family, or the one of just him? Secondly, is this an ok/acceptable idea for a small gift to say "thank you, we appreciate everything"?
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I'd go with "all of us". Does she have a photo wall?
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Giving your vet a picture is a lovely idea. I'm sure she will appreciate the gesture. Either picture is fine. I, personally, would gift the one of the dog alone.

I'm sorry for your loss.
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My vet's office has an In Memoriam-style picture wall. The photos are almost entirely of just the pets. I think either is nice, however!
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All of our vets, the cancer ones included, have all kinds of mementos from families whose furry members have or have not survived treatment, and I think a 5x7 would be lovely. I'm very, very sorry for your loss, and yet happy to hear you have such a great vet.
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It depends on how your vet's office is, but at all my vets, photos are pinned to a bulletin board. If that's the case, I'd give her both photos, but unframed.
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The photo walls are always the best part of every vet office I've been to, so I think it's a great idea. Nearly every photo was of just the pet, though both are nice pictures. Maybe go for the solo portrait of your dog with a nice handwritten note of gratitude from the whole family?

I'm sorry for your loss; your photos show that your dog must have been a pretty awesome companion. Good luck in these next few weeks.
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I would give both photos. The one of all of you, perhaps in a simple frame, "from the Beacon Inbound family" and the shot of just your little buddy for her photo wall (as I assume she has one).
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First, I'm sorry to hear about your loss. From your photograph, he was an awesome looking dog. Second, I've written my sister, a vet, for her advice. I'll let you know when I hear something from her.
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I am not looking at the photos, as they will make me cry. But I do like the idea of all of you. Your vet was really looking after your whole family, and I imagine would feel good knowing that you are acknowledging that as well.
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I used to be the Client Service Manager in an emergency and specialty veterinary office. Framed portraits of our deceased clients were always welcome, though we usually (only?) ever got photos of the pet alone. I like lilac girl's advice -- I'd give them a framed photo of just your handsome dog, and include the family photo in a personalized thank you card.

So sorry for your loss. Take care.
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I love it when my (human) patients give me cards and photos. I think either photo is fine and you should pick the one you like more but don't frame it as it will probably end up on a bulletin board. Shelf space is precious in all the clinics I know. A handwritten note expressing your thanks and appreciation for her care would also be treasured, if vets are anything like human doctors.
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I'm so sorry for your loss.

I'm a vet, and would love both. Most of them I keep in my office, some of them I take home. The one of just your pet might be used in the public spaces, don't be offended if they use a different frame. The cards and letters mean so very much. It is kind of you to think of others during your loss.
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Heard back from my sis who wrote, "Hmmm, hard to know without knowing the vet in question. I think it would be a safe, and loving gesture, to do a picture of the dog with the family. If it's a female vet, they can (almost) never go wrong with chocolate or an edible arrangement that can be shared with the whole office staff as well."

Hope it helps!
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Response by poster: Thank you all for the comments,

I think I will give her the "all of us" in a nice frame, and just him as an unframed print that she can put on the wall (if they have one, can't remember seeing one in the 'public' area). She can always reuse the frame if she decides she would prefer both on the wall or bulletin board.
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I think giving your vet a photo is a lovely gesture. When our beloved, elderly guinea pig Wilbur died a few months ago, our vet (who had taken care of him for years and years) specifically asked us to email her a picture of him, which we were happy to do.
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