Where to stay in Brooklyn?
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Where to stay in Brooklyn, October 2012 edition.

In October, my girlfriend and I will be attending a wedding in Brooklyn. We've been given a list of some lodging options, including little Victorian B&Bs, basic hotels and nicer boutique hotels around the Williamsburg area -- close to where the wedding and reception will be.

The wedding is on a Sunday afternoon in the East River State Park. Depending on when the bachelor party will be held, we are looking at potentially staying 3-4 nights, arriving either on a Thursday or Friday and staying until late Sunday night or Monday morning.

It's kind of boggling my mind that we might end up spending upwards of $1,000 to stay there, in addition to travel from Virginia. Between Wythe Hotel, Z Hotel, Hotel Le Jolie, Sheraton, Holiday Inn, Days Inn and Marriott, what are we overlooking?
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Best answer: Airbnb! It's hugely active here.
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Best answer: We found a great room in Brooklyn on AirBNB for $70/night plus the $17 AirBNB fee. It was a private room on a separate floor from the owners' living space with its own full bathroom. You'll pay more in Williamsburg proper but it will still be cheaper and better than any hotel.
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Best answer: FWIW, I stayed at Hotel Le Jolie when I had to travel to Brooklyn for work a few years ago, and it was completely OK. I know I was able to walk around Williamsburg really well, and got to East River State Park on foot.

That said, if I was going back and didn't have to worry about reimbursement from work, I'd totally go Airbnb.
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Best answer: 4thing AirBnB. I stayed in a private room in an apartment in greenpoint (within a couple of blocks of williamsburg) for something like $70 per night. The apartment was nothing special but the private room, while small, was clean and neat as a pin. There are tons of places in Brooklyn on Airbnb. If you've never used it before, contact quite a few potential hosts and don't be discouraged if most of them don't even bother to respond. Odds are someone will and it will all work out fine.
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Best answer: Also recommending AirBNB (and I can even point you to some friends who've got a place posted there - they're not in Williamsburg, but aren't too far away, and it's a great place.
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I stayed in a Comfort Inn in Brooklyn in April for just under $500 for four nights. It wasn't in Williamsburg though, it was in Sunset Park just off Third Avenue. It won't be as nice as the other option, but it will cost you about half of them and you'll have a private room. The subway is about two blocks away.
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Best answer: Sunset park is not at all convenient to Williamsburg. Nthing AirBNB or maybe even some hotels in the east village?
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Response by poster: You guys! I had to give best-answer props to everyone who mentioned airbnb. Through persistence, I was able to rent an entire one-bedroom apartment at 184 Kent, which happens to be just four blocks away from where the wedding will be. Thanks for the suggestions. My band used a similar service (Home Away) when we traveled up to Brooklyn earlier this year. (That time, you were all so helpful with restaurant suggestions.)
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