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Where can I find a lamp like the ones on the West Wing sets?

Specifically the brass lamps on Bartlet and Leo's desks that have three straight white candle-sleeves extending from a brass base base, brass ring finial on top, and a round black shade. A good hour of searching online has not turned up any models that are even a reasonable facsimile.
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looks kind of close
so does this one (4th one down)
Assuming that those are close, I remember seeing that style of brass table lamp offered as expensive graduate gifts in a mailing from my sister's school a year or so ago, and then noticing the similarity to the lamps on the show.
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ah - is that it?
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The last one would make sense - Bartlet was gov of NH and the WW has great set dressers.
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Response by poster: The second one you pointed out appears to be in the VP's office:

But the one I'm looking for is more streamlined than these. (I can't for the life of me find a picture.)
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