Help me find an electric Moroccan lantern!
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Help me find an electric Moroccan lantern!

Basically, I'm looking for something like this, but with a light bulb instead of a candle in the middle, and that plugs into the wall. When I was in Egypt, our hotel had a very simple one, so I know they exist. (That one was a bit cheaper, I think it had white plastic instead of glass, and the shape was a bit more arabian nights looking. I'll take anything close.) But I've scoured the internet and can't find anything like it at all. Can you help me?
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The one in Egypt was probably a Ramadan lantern. I did a quick google search and even though there are probably thousands and thousands for sale in Egypt (including electric ones) I can't find any online for sale.
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I agree with Deathalicious - have you thought about simply modifying the one that holds a candle? A simple drill-bit and a small electric lightbulb socket (available at any home repair shop) and bob's your uncle.
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I've looked for these in the US before, and not found one yet. So I hope someone here can point one out! But, just in case, have you thought about getting one for a candle and then also buying a lamp kit? They look like this. I've used them to rewire lamps, and they are pretty straight-forward (but I've not yet tried to make an electric lamp out of something that was not already wired).

Quite a few of the listings for Moroccan lanterns say you can wire them, though...
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Sigh. Thanks all. These comments are not encouraging. Aside from not having a drill, I would not trust myself to use one and not wreck the lantern. I am not the most handy person in the world.
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Just Morocco sells them, but they are expensive. They also sell ones that are essentially shades that you put over fixtures you already have.
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There is an ebay store which ships items from Egypt, and has 100% positive feedback. It's called Egyptian & Bedouin Treasures. They have lamps, and some are electric (search for the word "bulb" in the description). I've not ordered one from them, because it makes me mad that the difference between what I've seen (candle) and electric is about $100. But, it's an option.
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Are you still looking for this lamp? I found one! Urban Outfitters has three different ones (but pricey at $120).
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Wow. A full six months later you came back. Seriously, wow. (Yeah, I was looking for less pricey, and for a model that could be placed on a table, so I guess I'm still looking. But remembering alone means a lot.) Ask MeFi is awesome. Thank you!
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