Viability a specialized courier service.
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Viability of freelance / contract long distance courier or chauffeur type service? Or even short distance off hours. Something that fills the gap FedEx and UPS don't service.

First, I'm not trying to get rich. Just pay some debt faster in a way that I would actually enjoy. As crazy as it sounds, I like to drive.

Are there companies out there already that do this that I could contact? I work for a courier company already but it operates 8-5 m-f only. As do all the other companies I've found. I'm in the Western New York area.

I'd imagine the need would be businesses requiring some kind of specialized immediate document pickup & delivery. Lawyers or perhaps medical? Though there are already many companies that deal with emergency medical transport.

As far as driving people, I'm sure there would be a need to cover the liabilities involved. Plus, even with people afraid of flying there are still trains and buses so why pay some guy to drive you? Overall I figure that aspect would be less realistic but I'm open to ideas.

So is this a fictional way to make money or could it be workable?
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A delivery service that runs mainly in the evenings that's usually looking for new drivers? Pizza.
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Executives hire cars to drive them to/pick them up from the airport at enough odd hours that you could probably build a business exclusively doing that. They could take a cab, but I bet they would prefer to be able to just call you, especially if you're reliable. It's a value-added service many enjoy. Probably requires a livery license.

Restaurants that do not provide home delivery often have third parties do it for them. Customer places order with credit card, you pick up and deliver for set fee. Build a list of restaurants that you can deliver for and distribute it to office buildings.
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If you're willing to strike out on your own, one market could be older people who can't drive any more, but need shuttling to social events, or need help running errands in the evening.
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Do you get enough repeat customers though your day courier job that you could pick up off-hour jobs from them? Seems like that's your "in", and it's much less sketchy than a one-man towncar service.
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Would you consider being a hotel or parking valet?
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Taxi driving?

I grew up with my dad's company driver (Dad was the head of the company and it was a perk) and while my dad's retired now I think our longtime driver is still available for hire if we need him for whatever reason. I remember odd-hour emergencies (esp since we lived in the middle of nowhere with hardly any public transport) where he'd show up and shuttle my parents or I over for interstate road trips or hospital visits or whatever.
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If you were in NYC you could be a driver for Uber! Or maybe you could start something like it in your town.
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