Where can I find good country music on the Internet?
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I love KEXP's Swinging Doors, but the streaming archives no longer work on my Mac. What other radio shows or podcasts available on the Internet might I like?

For reference, the show's description is "Honky tonk, alternative country, western swing, country boogie, bluegrass, and all other kinds of hardcore twang"
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Best answer: Check out KPIG for streaming. My favorite podcast that fits your criteria is Truckers, Shuckers, Freaks and Geeks, which is a treasure trove of American vinyl in all those genres (except bluegrass)... dig into the archives and you will not be disappointed, I promise. It is pure gold if you love vintage twang.
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Best answer: WFMU's show (currently on hiatus) The Radio Thrift Show hosted by Laura Cantrell, but I linked the title to the archives.

Also, this amazing list: The Beachwood 24/7 Alt-Country Internet Radio Guide

And it's off to one side of your focus, but PRI's "American Routes," roots/rock/soul often has some great music that'll push the same buttons. No Podcast on that, I think, owing to music rights, but it's 2 hours a week and wonderful.
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Best answer: Hey, so I'm a KEXP sustaining member and on a Mac as well. You have a couple options, both of which seem to work for me. Depending on how up-to-date your OS is, make sure your Quicktime install is current, as well as downloading the latest install of Microsoft Silverlight can run on your machine. I am an avid streamer of the KEXP archives, and both of these options work for me.

Also be aware that KEXP is available for live streaming through iTunes. So if you're on the east coast, add three hours to the KEXP schedule and you're good to go! feel free to memail me as I'm fairly close with a few of the DJ's at KEXP and see if there's a solution that will work for you.
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Mac here, intel with 10.6.8, the archives seem to work fine for me.
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Mac/Intel/10.6.8/Firefox 13...Archive streaming works for me, too. No Silverlight installed.
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