Sailing away from DC!
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Do you know of any good places within a 2-hour commute of DC where it's possible to rent a sailboat and stay somewhere cheap for a weekend?

I want to go relax at sea! I just passed my sailing class, and now all I want to do is head out somewhere reachable from DC where I can sail a boat, hang out on a beach or a pier, and get away from the city. Where can I go??

Best case scenario is that the place is reachable by train or MARC, has lodging for under $100/night, and not too many tourists. I want to go at the end of July, or sometime in August.

I'm open to bed and breakfasts, camping (though probably not the "roughing it" type of camping, because I have never done that before), AirBnB, or anything else. I am also open to renting a car and driving there if it is awesome (though accessible by transit would be much better!). If it matters, I will have US Sailing Small Boat Certification when doing this.
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Point Lookout State Park in MD has boat rentals is is about 2 hours away.
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This might not be any help, but a friend of mine is spending the summer in DC and has a Precision 23 sailboat not far away - he goes sailing all around the bay quite often and probably wouldn't mind an extra hand at some point. I would be happy to put you in touch.
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