Another word for frape
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Is there another word out there to describe "frape"?

"Frape", "facerape", or "facebook-rape" is a term used to describe when someone accesses another person's facebook account and posts something embarrassing. I'd really like to know a word that describes the act, that doesn't invoke sexual violence.
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The historical equivalent is baggy-pantsing.
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I've seen people use the term "facebook hijack" or describing it as having been "hacked".
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Hijacking is good. This also bugs me a lot (as does 99% of what people do with the access, which is usually gay jokes. Urrrrrgh)
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Yeah I've actually never heard this described as "facebook rape" -- only as "facebook hijacking" or "being a jerk"
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Trying and failing to remember the phrase describing sending out amusing emails when someone left themselves logged in in college computer labs ...
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I'd say hijack.

People who describe the consequences of voluntarily giving away their login credentials or leaving themselves logged in where someone else has access as "being hacked" make themselves look stupid to me, since it appears they don't really understand how their account was hijacked in the first place.
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Among tech people I've heard the term "cheesing" used to describe taking advantage of someone forgetting to lock their screen to post/do embarrassing or annoying things.
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Although "cheesing" is probably not a good term though due to it also being a common gamers term for "taking the most powerful combo/move and using it repeatedly to win"

Hijacked, sabotaged, hacked, usurped, arrogated, wrongfully ascribed and siezed might be good a good start on non-slang words to try.
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I've heard it being called a face-jack (as a portmanteau of "Facebook hijack").
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The ones based on "hijack" are the only ones where I'd figure out what you mean.
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There is almost certainly a security term (like shoulder surfing or man in the middle attack) to describe getting onto someones computer by waiting until they step away for a moment and then jump on their terminal and quickly do your subterfuge before their password protection kicks in. That said, I don't know and can't find such a term right now.
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Facejacking (facebook hijacking).
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Yeah, hijacking.

rr, kids at my college call it "being boxed" when someone else sends an email as you after you forget to log out of your account.
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Identity theft.
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