Do mastermind groups work?
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Do Mastermind groups work? How do I find local mastermind groups?

I read in a couple of self help books that it is very important to have mastermind groups. Has anyone tried it here? If yes, did it work for you?
Also, how do I find local mastermind groups?

I suppose I can create one with my friends, but I am skeptical if that would be effective. I live in NYC.
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My last boss was a part of one. He got 75% of his business from the other members. He also did a lot of favors and discounted work for them. Which is good and bad. Have you checked out their website to see if there is a group in your location?
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which website?
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You can search "mastermind group [your city]." Also, I found this:
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I should add, I have no idea what a mastermind group is, but there are some resources.
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