Looking for Dita Senator eyeglasses
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Eyeglasses Filter: I'm a big fan of Dita Senators. But they're very expensive. Any chance there's a place to buy them online, or in Toronto, that won't cost $500+?
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I've bought this pair that look a lot like the glasses in your photo. I love them.
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Note: you might want to jump to the bottom of this comment because I kind of farted around a bit but eventually found something that I think might be a proper answer to your question.

I don't think those look much like the linked glasses, to be honest. They're a totally different shape -- oval rather than wayfarer. I also would be looking for an alternative-but-similar frame rather than looking to find exactly what you want but cheap, which seems unlikely to me. What you want is essentially a wayfarer/square shape with a black half-frame and metal rims. That's a little unusual, but shouldn't be impossible to find. Classy choice, by the way. It's not going to be easy to find (the mixed rim is a bit unusual) but shouldn't be impossible if you know what to look for.

I couldn't find anything like that on Goggles4u, though. And unfortunately, ZenniOptical (my usual go-to) doesn't seem to be working correctly at the moment. (Maybe it's just me.)

The third place I tried though had several possibilities though!

Joseph Marc 4091 Black
Kenneth Cole New York 143 052 Dark Demi
Love L756 Black
Derek Cardigan 7010 Black
Joseph Marc 4050 Gold Tortoise
(These last ones maybe not so much, but I love tortoiseshell/gold so I thought I'd throw that in.)

Sadly, none of them are probably exactly what you're looking for. They are all considerably less than $500, however.

So, thinking back inside the box I just did a search at Google Shopping for Dita Senators and this turned up. They claim that they only have one pair left -- take from that what you will. It's $350, which ain't cheap but it's $150 less than $500. I don't know if your original pricepoint was meant to include prescription lenses or not -- that might affect the price.

Best I could do, I'm afraid. Good luck! Those are nice-looking glasses.

On the other hand though, I also have some nice-looking glasses which cost me under $20 including lenses at zennioptical and allowed me to buy a whole range of glasses and sunglasses to suit my mood for less than the price of the cheapest kinda-sorta glasses that I found over at coastal.
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Response by poster: Great list of recommendations, Scientist! The listed pairs, unfortunately, won't be the right size for me, but others are sure to find the list useful.
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Yellowcandy, you totally sold me on that pair. I love them and I'll order them tomorrow when I can get to my prescription.
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There are two things in life you should never skimp on the cost of... Good glasses and good shoes.
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