Glasses for the masses
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Where should I go to buy cool glasses (optical, not beverage) in NYC without breaking the bank?
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Best answer: Fabulous Fanny's.
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Second item here (Bklyn), or last item here. I've checked out the second one (Chelsee Eyes) and was underwhelmed with their selection / service, so I didn't end up buying.
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Eyeglass stores are for suckers! I bought my last pair from, but there are tonnes of discount online retailers out there. I'll never buy from a store again!
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I was also underwhelmed by Chelsee Eyes.

I went to this place in Gravesend, Brooklyn, CoolFrames, at 2907 Ocean Avenue, for my Alain Mikli frames. You can also check out their website to get an idea at Their store is really small, however; it shares space with a beauty parlor. I had to place an order, try them on, and then buy them.
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there are a couple of places in chinatown that will make you glasses in tons of styles on the super-cheap (i think they start at 20 bucks).

more info at gothamist
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I've gone to Unique Eyewear for years. Good selection, good service and excellent prices. The downside is crowding, no place to sit down and no stroking from the staff. If you are capable of picking out frames for yourself, there's no better place.

They're open on Saturday mornings, too.
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Might break the bank, but the O Store in SoHo would be a great place to grab killer specs. Its Oakley's NYC store and they have in stock the full collection of prescription eyewear for you to try on.
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no idea about in NYC specifically, but my partner really likes the glasses I got at LensCrafters last fall.

(to clarify: i have no idea about what looks good on me or doesn't, but she really likes these.)
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