I want original glasses.
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I want glasses I've never seen before.

I want new glasses. The kind of glasses I want are "hey nice glasses" and not "oh, I didn't even notice you wear glasses." Considering these will be on my face during all waking hours, I do not mind spending money, so I don't necessarily need them to be inexpensive. That being said, $200 is my uppermost limit unless it is something really awesome.

I have astigmatism in one eye and one of my ears is a good a half-inch higher than the other, which means I will need to get them necessarily adjusted. So, they need to be the kind of glasses that can be adjusted in such a manner.

Now, as per usual, I know exactly what I don't want:
Standard thick-rimmed glasses. I wear those now.
Teashades/John Lennon glasses.
BCG/Morrissey/American Apparel glasses.
50s-style Michael-Douglas-in-Falling-Down glasses.
Anything old-timey, especially these.
Anything wire-framed.
Anything in a non-neutral color. I don't want to consider my glasses when matching clothes.

I've been interested in cut-metal frames. I can't find a picture of but they're exactly what they sound like; just three thin pieces of metal and two hinges. Sort of like the ones I have now just much thinner and made of metal.

The other kind I've been looking at are clear plastic frames. Unfortunately, I have rather heavy eyebrows and almost always have a beard, so they may look too incongruent.

Anyway, let me see what you got, y'all!
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It is impossible, IMHO, to buy glasses via the internet. You need to see them on your face.
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Response by poster: Oh, I know that. I just want to see frame styles. I'm in NYC so anything I see online I can track down in one store or another.
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You need to go to an optician and start trying on frames. Anything else seems unnecessary.
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Best answer: I think I posted these before on another one of your questions, so feel free to ignore it if you're not interested but Warby Parker has a nice selection and lets you try them on at home for free before ordering.
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Best answer: I own the glass you want. I also knew what I wanted but didn't know what they were until I went to moscot and tried on almost every pair in the place. The guy working there was super helpful and I still get compliments everytime I wear them, 5 years later.
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Oh, I should add that the glasses instore may not be in your range, but once you have the specs you should be able to internet approximate and order.
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I would love to recommend some designer woodgrain glasses but your issue with adjustment might make them impossible, unless custom-made (way more than $200). I think the sturdiness would not lend to easy adjustment like acrylic do. I have your same issue w/ lopsided ears so I always have to keep that in mind also. What do you think of the selection at Moscot?
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cestmoi, I think we need to see a picture of your glasses!
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Here's a tip for you: when you go to try on frames, either take someone with you to take pictures or take pictures yourself. Of you, wearing the frames. The photos will give you another view, literally, of what you look like in the frames.
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Response by poster: I am definitely hitting up Warby Parker and Moscot once I get a new prescription. I'm already pretty fond of these from WP and these from Moscot.
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Well, I suppose these fall under dreaded "old-timey"...

But I'm a girl and I wear these and get compliments all the time, even by strangers on the street. (Ryan Adams in Vilda.) My boyfriend wears these and also gets a bunch of random compliments. (Random model in Miltzen.) I'd really recommend any of the Moscot originals, they're all unisex and so can be pulled off by a guy or girl. I bought mine at the Moscot 14th street location, but you can problem try them on elsewhere. They've been featured on Mad Men, because they're period and use 1950's molds.

Anyway that's what I've got for "hey nice glasses." ::shrug::
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I don't have a specific style to recommend, but you should check out these sites while you're looking. They are uber cheap, but make the same quality as the "designer" styles.
Zenni Optical
Goggles 4 U

I think you can even search for designer styles. Say you like one recommended above, then find something so similar it's hard to tell them apart on Zenni for $30.
My husband has about four pairs of glasses now and he changes them out depending on mood. They are all very good quality and indistinguishable from ones he bought in a fancy boutique type store.
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It is impossible, IMHO, to buy glasses via the internet. You need to see them on your face.
I guess it's relevant to add, you can of course try them on in a store, then find something so similar on these sites...
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I had no idea until looking at the Warby Parker site that I wanted a monocle.
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Have you given the brand OGI a try?
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I love clear plastic frames. I actually had a pair for a while that was pale yellow (but still transparent), which was surprisingly neutral in terms of its compatibility with clothes. (I am also a bearded and fairly heavily eyebrowed fellow, by the way.)

Extra added bonus: I realized later that they were exactly the same frame style that Peter Sellers wore as President Muffley in Dr. Strangelove.

Unfortunately, mine were actually NOS vintage, and fairly brittle. But somebody might still be making them.
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I love Moscot. That said, when I went there I knew exactly the shape and manufacturer I wanted -- "I want a modified cat's eye that IS NOT IRONIC." And that's what I got, and then I bought up more pairs online for much less, so I can always have a free one for the new prescription every year.
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nthing the Warby Parker rec. Mrs. and I just both got frames from them, and we couldn't be happier. Be aware that they can only fill single-vision prescriptions, so if you need progressive lenses, you'll have to order clear frames then get the prescription done at a local discount eyewear joint. Nonetheless, WP gave us a 10% discount for ordering clear lenses. Best glasses I've ever owned, and they were cheaper than inferior pairs.
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My glasses are bright blue and I get compliments on them all the time. I do kind of dress around them, which works out pretty well for me since I really need to be wearing cool colors anyway. As it turns out though, I can generally wear pretty much any color I like. Some days I'm matchy and other days my color scheme is a little more eclectic.

I got mine at Zenni for real cheap (less than $20) so if you did want to experiment with color you could get several different colors at that price and be able to match or clash with any number of outfits depending on your mood.
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Response by poster: Moscot people: Is their $250 lens worth it? Should I get the $79 or $139 instead? Or just the frame and have a lens popped in at a local shop?
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griphus, you have a great facial structure for square or rectangular glass styles, but I wouldn't recommend the round because it will overpower, rather than complement, your face.

I envy you, actually, because my face is rounder and a lot of the more modern, sharper styles don't suit me.

That said, I do like the WP glasses you linked! I think they would work with quite well with the look you've got going.
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In case anyone is interested in them, the clear plastic glasses that Akzidenz Grotesk mentions above are remarkably similar to Shuron's Freeways, which they've been making for decades.
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a box and a stick, you are awesome and I thank you. I might have to just go get another pair right now.
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I often wish I had poor vision to justify wearing Dita glasses.
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Prodesign has some really, really great and unusual frames. I get compliments on mine often, though I went with a non-neutral color. I can't find my current frames on the website (my internet is being wholly uncooperative), but they're on my face in my profile photo if you're curious.

They have acetate frames as well as interesting, laser-cut metal frames.
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I do get compliments on my frames, but they are basically slimmer versions of the '50s browline frames you do not like. With the cut metal frames, you may be thinking of those by Zero G titanium or Mykita. These lines are expensive ($300+) and I'm not sure they work with anything other than weak prescriptions that use thin lenses. Noticing your preferences in Moscot and WP, you may also like frames from Oliver Peoples or Persol.
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since you're in the city, i'd recommend stopping by Fabulous Fanny's on 9th between 1st and 2nd. they have lots of interesting vintage frames you won't see elsewhere and they have a custom line of unique new frames.
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Here're my new Francois Pinton glasses. If they are not wonderful glasses I don't want to know.

Bought from eyegoodies.com whose service was absolutely sterling. Note clear styles, and the transparent grey, brown.

Salt makes some interesting styles -- even pricier than the Pinton stuff, though.
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If you want unusual eyewear, take a look at the collection from Theo.
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I had the exact same experience as cestmoi15 - I live in NYC, went to a ton of stores, found nothing, finally went to Moscot, and the nice lady there had me try on frames I'd never have thought to look at and picked out the most amazing glasses for me with her first attempt. I get compliments on them all the time.

Other than Moscot, I'd suggest checking out Silver Lining Opticians. Their selection is smaller than many stores, but has a higher percentage of awesome - lots of wacky vintage frames and really interesting stuff. I had a lot of fun looking around there and saw a bunch of frames I really loved - after I'd already bought mine, of course. Ah well, next time.
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Oh, and like rachaelfaith, my awesome frames are also made by Prodesign. Check them out.
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Remember you can get sunglasses frames and use them as your regular glasses (with non-tinted lenses, obviously).

I had a friend in college who did this and got a lot of compliments.
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I just stepped into the optician's today to look for a new pair of glasses. My absolute very favorite style right now is Theo. Especially Borselino, Stetson, Panama and Gatsby. They are metal frames, which I know you seem to be avoiding, but I think they really have the excellent cut look that will be as dramatic as you need them to be depending on what style you choose. They're on the pricey side. Sorry.

I am also a fan of ProDesign, which have always had the closest to what I'm looking for in frames. They are more dramatic titanium frames, which tend to have a polished pointy metal look and a hint toward the super-hero mask.

I have Brendel now, which is exactly what I've been looking for for YEARS. Less dramatic than the ProDesign (I have to be a stodgy professional by day) but still really keen looking. I get a lot of compliments. "I really like your glasses!"

My last pair were Silhouettes, and I just want to caution against those. (They aren't even what you said you are looking for, so I'm not too worried, but I just wanted to vocalize this.) I have mostly had luck with mine in the generic sense that they're durable. But they aren't the look I want and that makes me a little crazy and it reduces the likelihood that I'll wear them. So, that.
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I am in love with Barton Perreira. A little expensive, but I'm getting daily compliments on my Black Cliftons. Sorry no direct link.
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Response by poster: Thanks Metafilter!

Those are Moscot Mangitos.
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