Help me fix my spotify online/offline switching
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Please help me get my spotify app running on my Samsung SGS2.

I have a problem with spotify on my phone; it flickers between online and offline when logged in. Please help me, any suggestions are welcome. I had an old account as let's say,"v.barboni". I used this account for quite a while. Eventually it appears spotify created a facebook account for me. I eventually upgraded "v.barboni"'s account to a premium subscription and continued to use it.

At some point this year I managed to log out as v.barboni, and log in via my actual facebook. This appeared to create a conflict between my accounts.

I was able to log into my original account but with the online/offline switching problems. I could also log into my real-name facebook account, which worked while on a free trial. Therefore it the automatically created facebook account worked fine on my phone. I emailed spotify about this and they responded by deleting my automatically created spotify account. Now I am stuck with a premium spotify account which will not work on my android device. This is very upsetting and a real problem because I work long shifts with a lot of travelling and I need music to keep me sane.

I have been on the online forums and have tried every solution available, to no avail.

Has anyone experienced this, and if so, can you help me fix it? Alternatively, can you propose an alternative way of making it work, perhaps with a new account and fake facebook? I'd prefer to fix it so it works and I can still share with people, but I am telling you, I will do literally anything to fix it. I'm a man on the edge.

Thanks in advance
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Uninstall both facebook and spotify apps from your phone then reinstall from the market. This time log in with the correct id.

Should work.

Is you phone rooted? Are you running ICS?
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