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What can a guy do in Port Angeles, WA on an average summer day?

I'll be in Port Angeles for four days for a friends wedding. I plan to get down there this Friday and leave Tuesday morning (so techinically five days but I'll be catching the first CoHo ferry north). I will not have a car and will be staying in the Olympic Lodge, what would the hive mind suggest?

I've been down three times in the past but always staying with the friends family (which obviously isn't going to happen this time around), so I've been around the waterfront, just never into any of the stores or shops or whatever else is down there.
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Oh, and I don't mind walking for five or more miles, so long as there's a place to sit and have a coffee at the destination.
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You could rent a bike and ride along the waterfront to Sequim - it's beautiful and flat all the way. When you get there, try wine tasting at Wind Rose Cellars tasting room (eastern WA grapes, made into wine locally - excellent!).

For dinner, try Micheal's Divine Dining (website doesn't seem to working just now...) - just don't be thrown off by the decor (circa 70's, with dark barn wood paneling, and dark in general). They do awesome local food, and house-made bitters for their incredible cocktails.

Check out the Port Angeles Farmers market, on Saturdays, they open on June 20th, so you'll be just in time!
If you can get yourself into Sequim, try the bus to Port Townsend, especially for their Saturday Farmer's Market.

That should get you started - have a great time!
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If you rent a bike and you are okay with biking uphill, there's Hurricane Ridge. The views are stunning in the summertime.
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Seconding Michael's for food, if you're there for dinner. I don't think they are open for lunch any longer.
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I had a good meal at the Kokopelli Grille in Port Angeles a couple of years ago. 2nding Hurricane Ridge. If you're biking around, with more horizontal but less radical uphill involved, if you continue past Crescent Lake, there's a nice hiking trail through temperate rainforesty areas in Sol Duc.
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Seconding Hurricane Ridge, especially on a sunny summer day.
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So glad that there's a place to rent bikes up there, that ought to make things much, much easier.

As for Hurricane Ridge, there's a bus that takes you up the road but having driven up with my friend before, there's no way this guy is going to make it up that mountain. I haven't been up there in the summer though, so I'll definitely catch that bus.

Thanks for the answers so far!
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For future posterity, anyone reading this thread who is also spending several days in Port Angeles should consider taking the Coho to Victoria for the day as well. Any Mefites who regularly visit Port Angeles should also come to Victoria for a Mefi meetup! Or we can have one in Port Angeles.
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The Webster's Woods Art Park is good, free fun. Don't spoil it by looking too closely at that link - part of the joy is basically going on a walk in the woods and being surprised by odd sculpture and installations at every turn.
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Poster, if you can find a way to get to the Dungeness Spit, I'd highly recommend it.

Also for future reference, anyone wanting to stay in PA who doesn't have huge amounts of cash to spend on a hotel should try the ToadLily hostel. It recently opened up and is chock full of awesomeness. The couple who runs it can also point you towards activities you can do in the area.
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