Wireless IP Camera?
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Can MeFi recommend a good wireless/IP camera to me?

I'm wanting to get a wireless camera that I can use for simple home surveillance purposes--probably to watch my living room and front door, for now. I'd like to get something that's Wi-Fi enabled, and I want to be able to access the video feed either from a computer or my iPhone. I enjoy tinkering with things, so although I know I could buy an out-of-the-box security system with a DVR, for now I'd like to just buy a single camera to mess with.

I found this unit from D-Link, but I'm not sure if there's a better product in the same price range I should be looking at. Any suggestions?

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For fifty bucks it's hard to go wrong with this one. We just got a couple, they were pretty easy to set up if you know anything about networking. It was easy to find Android and iPhone apps to view them too.
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Best answer: We use the Foscam 8918 cameras for young'un monitors. Great picture and audio, and the setup was a breeze even for my technophobic hubby.
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Best answer: The aforementioned Foscam is amazing for its price point: night visibility, pan and tilt control and an audio feed. You can setup security-style features via the camera's web access panel.

The one major downside? The resolution is 640 x 480, which is verging on Quickcam circa 1995 territory.

That said, I use it with IP Cam Viewer on my Android device, and I've been impressed.
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Response by poster: I ended up going with the Foscam 8910 over the 8918 because the 8910 was only about $10 more and included an IR cut filter, which I think makes the colors in the image more vivid and true to life.

Really pleased with the camera, thanks for the suggestion. Wasn't hard to set up, resolution is decent, and the pan/tilt works well. I'm really impressed with the night vision, I have it set up in a corner of my living room and the IR illuminator makes the camera able to clearly see the entire room in complete darkness. I'm impressed, especially at the price point.
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